Riese & Muller Charger ebikes: Which one?

Riese & Muller Charger3 ebike | Electric Bikes Brisbane

The Riese & Muller Charger is one of the most popular ebikes in the Riese & Muller. A top all-rounder with the traditional sporty framestyle there is a huge range to choose from this year with 14 models on offer. Here is our guide to help you quickly narrow down which model is best suited for you. 

Overview: Charger3 and Charger ebikes

So, fourteen models to choose from sounds like a lot! Which one suits you best though boils down to the answers to some crux questions. 

If you look on the Riese & Muller website - screenshot below - you will notice there are four options offered for the Charger-style ebike. In reality there are two options however it becomes four when the bike is offered in a gents /crossbar style frame as well as a mixte frame.

Once you choose one of these four options there are a number of sub-models for you to choose from and this is based on the technology underpinning them (which is driven by what the bike is designed to do.) The image below illustrates the initial choice you need to make of the four options, and the core underpinning technology. 

Familiarising yourself with the core technology platforms, particularly the gearing platforms, will also help to understand the differences between each sub-model. These are summarised here

Riese & Muller Charger ebike options | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Crux decision #1: Which one of the four?

Your first big decision is which of these four options to choose. Here are some considerations to guide you: 

  • Gearing: If you prefer the 'Touring' gearing, pic below, with traditional derailleur, or 'Rohloff' gearing with electronic E-14 gears and carbon belt drive, then choose the Charger3 / Mixte ebike. Otherwise the 'Vario' gearing (enviolo internal gears and carbon belt drive) is available with all four options. 

Riese & Muller Charger3 Touring ebike | Electric Bikes Brisbane

  • Motor Power: If your prefer the torquier Gen 4 Bosch CX motor then choose the Charger3 ebike. If you prefer a near-silent motor then choose the Charger. 
  • Frame style: If you are taller than 195cm, then you will need to choose the Charger3 option in crossbar style frame . This is the only option/style with a 56cm frame, a new size for 2021. If you prefer more clearance between you and the top tube when, for example, you are stationary on your bike checking your ride information, then choose the 'mixte' frame. (See pic below.)

Riese & Muller Charger3 Mixte | Electric Bikes Brisbane

  • Displays: If you want the Nyon display, or prefer the clean cockpit design, then choose the Charger 3 models.  
  • Battery size: All models comes with 500Wh as standard. However if you wish to upgrade to 625Wh or 1,125Wh then choose the Charger3 options. Note you can also upgrade your battery size to 1,000Wh with the Charger. 

Crux decision #2: The finer details

Once you choose which of the four Charger / Charger3 options you prefer then choose which sub-model within that option is for you. In summary, here are the models to choose from: 

Charger series - has two sub-models 

Riese & Muller Charger / Charger Mixte ebikes | Electric Bikes Brisbane

  • Vario or GT Vario - if you want more all terrain capability choose the GT Vario model. This gives you wider 'Grand Touring' 2.4" tires and beefier 100mm front suspension forks to handle rougher terrain.
With the 'GT' options you can also add the Heavy Duty Package to increase carry capacity to 160kg, or the GX option to give it offroad tires, flat mountain bike pedals and bar ends for rougher riding. 

    The Charger / Charger Mixte ebikes have their own colour schemes to choose from as well: Red Metallic, Black Matt and Pearl White. 

    Charger3 series - has five sub-models

    • Vario or Vario GT - as for Charger / Charger Mixte above. 
    • Touring or GT Touring - as above however with derailleur gearing. 
    • GT Rohloff - if you want something really special. With the Rohloff gearing and carbon belt drive combination. 

    These models are offered with a choice of three colours and four frame sizes, and you also have some cool, practical accessories that you can include. 

    Ordering your Charger / Charger3 ebike

    Riese & Muller Charger ebikes at Electric Bikes Brisbane

    Electric Bikes Brisbane carries a good selection of Charger / Charger Mixte and Charger3 / Charger3 Mixte ebikes in stock.

    However if we don't have exactly what you want then Riese & Muller offer a just-in-time ordering system where you can customise your ebike based on what you prefer. 

    Choose which Charger model you prefer of the four options described above and follow the prompts to 'configure your ebike'. This will also give you the total cost with sea freight.  There is also an air freight option which is extra $.

    We are also happy to assist you to work through which options are best for you. Once you arrive at your preferred configuration we then place the order to get production underway. All bikes are delivered to us in Milton where we build them, test them and ensure they are working as perfectly as possible before we deliver them to you. 

    See which models we usually carry in stock here

    Please feel free to contact us for assistance. Very happy to help.