Riese & Muller EBikes: Core Technology Platforms

Riese & Muller EBikes: Factory at Darmstadt | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Riese & Muller have always been at the forefront of electric bike technology and design. They deeply believe in the electric bike as key to future mobility and their commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of the operations of their new state-of-the-art factory in Germany. Every Riese & Muller ebike produced is made with care and attention to detail.

They pride themselves on innovative yet practical designs and perfectly matching the technology to the bike so it serves its purpose for years to come. To do this they work in collaboration with their key suppliers to develop technology platforms that will deliver the best performance for the intended purpose of the bike. 

Their core technology platforms are: 

  • Bosch ebike drive systems - optimised by Riese & Muller for ultimate prformance
  • Control technology - optimised dual suspension for comfort, safety and cargo carrying
  • Their gearing platforms - 'Touring', 'Vario', and 'Rohloff'

Riese & Muller EBikes: Made inhouse with care

Riese & Muller ebikes made in Germany | Electric Bikes BrisbaneRiese & Muller's manufacturing facility in Darmstadt, Germany is a masterpiece in design and technology itself. Adopting modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing and people management practices allows Riese & Muller to create beautiful machines with love, care and attention to detail in a sustainable way.

Wheels are built in house (that's why they are so good!) and every bike is assembled from scratch by small teams of highly skilled techs. Their production line is automated where it makes sense to do so and their quality ethos is obvious in every step of the build process. 

Riese & Muller ebikes made in Germany | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Their frames, which are high-grade alloy, are beautifully designed and are stress tested to way above the regulated standards.

Quality control is paramount, as you would expect from a German company, and this is as evident as the pride their people take in their work as you walk around. There is no compromise in any aspect of the design and manufacturing process. 

Side bar: We visited the Riese & Muller factory in Darmstadt in July 2019 not long after they moved there. See the picture below of their staff 'car' park! Even in 40 degree heat (we were there in the heatwave) everyone still rides. It was great to see that their ethos regarding sustainability and sustainable transport is more than just words. It is factored into virtually every aspect of their business.

Riese & Muller headquarters 'car' park | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Riese & Muller eBikes - powered by Bosch

Riese & Muller have had a long-standing relationship with Bosch and their entire range is powered by Bosch. They work closely with Bosch in the development of new technologies and are therefore always one of the first to market with new Bosch products. Riese & Muller ebikes also perform better than any other Bosch-powered ebike thanks to Riese & Muller's performance optimisation. 

Bosch eBike Motors - Smooth, high torque

Riese & Muller EBikes powered by Bosch | Electric Bikes Brisbane

The wide range of choice of Bosch Motors now available has enabled Riese & Muller to choose specific motors for its models depending on purpose. 

The Riese & Muller models we carry at Electric Bikes Brisbane are powered by the strongest of the Bosch motors to cope with our steep hills and heat. These are:

  • Bosch Performance Line Gen 3 with 65Nm on their urban models
  • Bosch Performance Line CX Gen 4, with 85Nm on their high performance models
  • Bosch Cargo Line with 85Nm on their cargo models

Bosch eBike Displays - lots of options 

With a Bosch ebike motor comes a Bosch eBike display. The Intuvia and Purion displays are the most common display and one or the other of these generally comes as standard on each model.

With connectivity being at the heart of ebike innovation these past couple of years, Riese & Muller also offer the option of the Bosch SmartphoneHub, Kiox and/or Nyon displays in conjunction with its 'clean cockpit' design.

Some models have now also started featuring the Kiox 300 display if the bike is equipped with the Bosch Smart System.

Bosch Kiox and SmartphoneHUB displays on Riese & Muller

The display pictured above are how they appear if you order the 'Kiox Cockpit' or 'SmartphoneHub Cockpit'. (This is an especially beautiful piece of design from Riese & Muller which neatens up the handlebar wiring as well as providing an adjustable stem.)

Bosch eBike Batteries - More options

With the release of the Bosch Powertube 625 in 2020, and more recently the Powertube 750 Riese & Muller now offer many battery configuration choices, depending on which model you are getting. For example, the Nevo Vario can be ordered with 500Wh (standard) or 625Wh with the single battery configuration. Should you want more range you can also configure it with dual batteries for either 1,000Wh or 1,125Wh capacity.

In the case of the Supercharger and Homage depending on which configuration you choose you can also opt to upgrade to a whopping 1,250Wh capacity. Fantastic for long distance riding!

Frames especially designed for Powertube integration

Riese & Muller Superdelite ebike | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Riese & Muller’s collaboration with Bosch over the past few years has delivered many firsts to the market. For example:

  • first dual battery ebike (the ‘Delite’ which has been renamed to 'Superdelite', pictured above)
  • first commuter ebike with fully integrated powertube batteries (the ‘Charger’)
  • first ebike with dual powertube batteries (the ‘Supercharger’)
  • first dual suspension stepthrough ebike with powertube battery, and ability to carry a second battery (the 'Homage')
Many of the current models feature frames that have been redesigned to fully integrate powertube batteries and they look very much like normal bikes. Riese & Muller also pioneered the dual battery frames and dual powertube batteries and these feature on the 'Super' models eg Superdelite and Supercharger. 

    Control technology – Optimised dual suspension

    Riese & Muller Homage 2021 | Electric Bikes Brisbane

    The 'Control Technology' concept is one that Riese & Muller have spent years perfecting.

    At the heart of this is a bike that has dual suspension.

    Design aspects such as a co-spring rear luggage carrier and an active rear swing arm, all working in unison with the suspension componentry, deliver a supremely comfortable ride. It is also a very stable and safe ride no matter the terrain and speed.

    Given the long-distance touring and cargo inclination within the Riese & Muller range, the ability to securely carry luggage as well as having rear suspension is a real bonus.

    Riese & Muller use a range of suspension suppliers – Fox, Suntour, X-Fusion being the main ones. You can read more about Control Technology here >>.

    If you want the ultimate in comfort, stability and handling there are seven models in the 2021 Riese & Muller range that have Control Technology. These include:

    • Two cargo models - the Load 75 and Load 60
    • The Delite and Superdelite families 
    • The Homage (pictured above)

    Gearing platforms

    In keeping with their philosophy of matching the perfect equipment to the right bike Riese & Muller ebikes come equipped with a range of gearing options, depending on what the bike is intended for.

    The 'Touring' Models - Derailleur Gears

    Riese & Muller Multicharger GT Touring | Electric Bikes Brisbane

    Most of the models that have ‘Touring’ in their title will be equipped with either 10, 11 or 12-speed Shimano gears, depending on purpose. Usually the urban-oriented bikes will have 10-speed, and the all-terrain or mountain will have 11 or 12-speed. 

    The derailleur gears are an excellent system for sporty riders who want the ability to use their bike and motor to the full extent of its ability. It is also a bit lighter and is often the preferred system if you will be doing predominantly offroad or rougher terrain. 

    The 'Vario' Models - Enviolo Continuous Internal Hub Gears

    Riese & Muller Roadster Mixte Vario | Electric Bikes Brisbane

    This is a very popular gearing system due its low maintenance requirements and easy, intuitive operation. Unlike a derailleur gear which relies on a jumping chain to change, the gear change occurs within the rear wheel hub and does not require you to be pedalling when you change.

    Riese & Muller have collaborated with Enviolo to custom develop the Enviolo 380, a continuous gear hub that allows you to smoothly switch to an endless number of gears within a gear range of 380%.

    The internal hub is a closed system so your gears are protected from moisture and dirt at all times. Furthermore, this type of gear allows the use of the modern carbon belt drive instead of a chain which offer the advantage of even less maintenance (and grease) and is especially quiet.

    NEW: Enviolo Automatiq

    New to the lineup in 2021 is the Enviolo Automatiq gears, which have an auto shifting interface that chooses gears based on your cadence. With these gears you program your desired cadence and the gears will automatically shift to enable you to reach that cadence. 

    This is a gearing system which is best suited for gentler urban riding and is available on the Swing and Nevo models. 

    The 'Rohloff' Models - Electronic 14-Speed Gears

    Rohloff gears on Riese & Muller ebikes | Electric Bikes Brisbane

    The electronic Rohloff E-14 gear is a highly sophisticated auto shift system that boasts the largest range of gears (14 in total) possible on an ebike. It also offers the fastest gear shifting on the market.

    It links the mechanical Rohloff Speedhub 14-speed gear hub to the eShift function of the Bosch E-Bike system – an electronic gear shift activation unit. The drive and gear communicate with each other and synchronise the gear-shifting process to make it as light, precise and efficient as possible.

    An ergonomic switch with two buttons allows you to shift gears in less than 200ms – currently the fastest gear shift on the market. And that’s with a 526% gear ratio. Multi-shift mode simultaneously shifts 3 gears in a single sequence, while the auto-downshift function automatically returns the gear to your individually selected starting gear when the bike comes to a standstill. It is extremely easy to use, very durable and is low maintenance which is why it is often the gearing of choice for bikepacking.

    Like with the Vario models, Riese & Muller pair the Rohloff gears with the carbon belt drive offer a very high performing, low maintenance package that is easy to use, lightweight and quiet. 

    Choosing which Riese & Muller eBike is right for you 

    Riese & Muller offer an extensive range. Over 60 bikes to choose from!

    We have an excellent selection of bikes in stock and we also have a test ride fleet.

    If you want some help choosing which one is most suitable then please contact usWe regularly hold Riese & Muller experience rides and offer private consultations and test rides by appointment to assist you to choose the best model for your needs. 

    See the full range of Riese & Muller ebikes on offer at Electric Bikes Brisbane.