Riese & Muller Nevo3 ebike: 2021

Riese & Muller Nevo3 ebike

The hugely popular Riese & Muller Nevo3 ebike has undergone a complete redesign for the 2021 season. While it looks very much like the ‘old’ Nevo GT if you look a little closer you will see an ebike that is more powerful, even safer to ride, has greater range if needed and is even more modern and integrated in looks.

The Riese & Muller Nevo – a game changing ebike

Riese & Muller Nevo3 ebike

The Nevo is the model that changed perceptions of what a stepthrough bike is capable of. From the release of the original model almost five years ago Riese & Muller proved that a stepthrough ebike could be comfortable as well as sporty; could cross over from everyday city riding to light offroad and touring; and could look modern and clean.

It is a striking looking bike and has always been the go-to model for those looking for a top quality sporty stepthrough all-rounder. This year it has had an overhaul and is even more integrated, more comfortable, and more versatile with a choice of five models available. 

The new Nevo3 ebike: 2021 upgrades  


The key upgrades are: 

  • Powered by the Gen 4 Bosch Performance Line CX motor and a new frame that discreetly integrates the motor into a frame, and can accommodate a 500Wh or 625Wh battery
Riese & Muller Nevo3 ebike

  • A new 51cm frame size
  • A dual battery option is also provided for either 1,000Wh or 1,125Wh to deliver full power for even longer rides and tours. The positioning of second battery has been moved to be conveniently integrated on the luggage carrier to retain the convenient step-through.
  • Option for the clean cockpit design with adjustable stem with choice of Kiox or SmartphoneHub displays (and Nyon later in the season). 
Riese & Muller Nevo3 clean cockpit

  • New accessories available including a front carrier with bag and 130cm chain lock that connects into your wheel lock.

Nevo3: Model choices and configuration options

The Riese & Müller Nevo3 ebike is available in five models this year with a number of optional equipment choices such as dual battery, an offroad package ("GX option") and heavy duty package for a carry capacity of 160kg (instead of the standard 140kg).

Frames are available in three lovely colours – metallic red, pure white, lunar grey.

All models are offered with 47cm, 51cm and 56cm sizes and the ‘GT’ models also offer an extra small 43cm size. 

The Nevo3 comes with the Bosch Intuvia display as standard. However configuring the clean cockpit offers you the choice of Kiox or SmartphoneHub display (or Nyon display which become available later in the season).


For a complete overview of the features and configuration options available for the Nevo3 ebike, or to configure the Nevi3 you prefer with pricing, go to the Riese & Muller website.  

Ordering a Riese & Muller eBike 

Electric Bikes Brisbane has a good selection of Nevo3 ebikes in stock or on their way.

However if you require a different configuration Riese & Muller offer a modern just-in-time order system.

You can opt to have your ebike air freighted for immediate delivery (extra $) otherwise bikes are shipped via sea freight at no extra charge. Sea freight generally takes 8-10 weeks from Germany whereas air freight is usually 1-2 weeks from when the bikes are built.

All ebikes are delivered to Electric Bikes Brisbane where we build them, test them and fit your accessories to ensure your ebike is as perfect as it can be for you take delivery. 

Stock available and test rides

Riese & Muller Nevo3 ebike

See which models are available in stock or due to arrive on the Riese & Muller section of our website.

If you want some help working out which model and configuration suits you best, or you wish to place to test ride or place an order, then don't hesitate to contact us.