Shimano STEPS Mid-Drive System

July 25, 2016

Shimano STEPS System

A purpose-built, lightweight mid-drive electric drive system built from the ground up for assisted pedalling by one the world’s leading manufacturers.

Shimano's Move Into Electric Bikes

Shimano, one of the world’s largest bicycle component manufacturers, has recently moved into the electric bike market with the launch of its Shimano STEPS system. The Shimano STEPS system (Shimano Total Electric Power System) is a mid-drive (or crank drive) system that Shimano have designed from the ground up, stepping into the market with the likes of Bosch and, more recently Brose.

Shimano STEPS: Fully Integrated Mid-Drive System

The Shimano STEPS system is a fully integrated system, versus being a battery and drive unit added to an existing groupset, and it takes advantage of its bicycle component expertise by providing an option that matches it to Shimano’s internal hub with Di2 electronic shifting.

Its 250W drive unit produces 50Nm torque (so, very similar to the Bosch Active Line drive system) and it is paired with a 400Wh (11.6Ah) lithium ion battery. This is a lightweight and compact system, with lots of smarts in the technology that help to make e-bikes feel and handle more like 'normal' bikes.

Here’s a brief overview of what the Shimano STEPS system comprises:

The Shimano STEPS Drive Unit – what powers it

  • 250W, 36V motor that provides assistance up to 25 km/hr
  • 50Nm torque, similar to Bosch Active Line
  • Three types of power support modes - Eco, Normal and High as well as a walk assist mode

The Shimano STEPS Display – the brains that control it

  • Central bar-mounted display
  • Normal computer functions (speed, odometer etc PLUS range and battery indicator)

Shimano STEPS computer

The Shimano STEPS Battery – your ‘fuel tank’

  • Available for either rear carrier or down tube mounting
  • High 418Wh capacity (36V, 11.6Ah) 
  • Charge time – 80% within 2 hours, full within 4 hours. Can be charged on bike or off bike.
  • Provides range of up to 125km 's (in Eco) up to 80km's (in Normal) and up to 60km's (High mode) 

Shimano STEPS Battery

The Shimano STEPS Drivetrain

  • Chain cover so no need for shorts or trouser clips!
  • Single ring chainset that uses 38 or 44 tooth chainrings
  • Chainset is compatible with 8, 9, 10 and 11-speed hub or derailleur gear systems

Optional Extra – Automatic Gear Shifting

  • Available in internal hub 8 or 11 gear options
  • Tuneable shifting that senses cadence and power output, and shifts gears to match them.
  • Opt for a ‘manual’ version and change gears by pressing a button
  • Automatic shift down when stopping

The Shimano STEPS system powers our Merida collection and if the electronic shifting sounds like your thing then check out the Merida E-Spresso 800 EQ Unisex and Mens models.

Call us on 1300 553 110 if you would like to try one.

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