The New 2023 Bosch E-Bike Systems: Innovations Focused on Sustainable Mobility

Improving on their 2022 Smart System Model platform, Bosch eBike Systems’ CEO, Claus Fleischer revealed their new range innovative technology during the Eurobike 2022 summit. Some of the highlights covered were updates to the Performance Line and Cargo Line motors, new Watt-Hours for the PowerPack battery range and a whole new ABS, as well as new eBike security and alarm systems.

Riding on the Smart System

Most of the new products from Bosch eBikes for MY 2023 will be built around the Smart System—making it integral to all future developments coming to the market, including these new features we’ll go over. Over-air-updates, combined with the eBike Flow App will integrate digital technologies and physical innovations into one synergistic element, enhancing the overall Bosch eBike experience.


Improved Bosch eBike ABS

One of the most significant updates to come is the new Advanced Braking System. This new kit is at a stark contrast with the 2018 setup which sat on the front of the handlebar. At a 77% smaller size and 55% less weight, research has proven that this new system can reduce biking accidents by up to 29%.

This new braking system is hidden within the fork and is designed to balance out the bike dynamics by closing and opening out the front pistons. This innovation allows the bike to stop quickly and safely, whether on slippery or high-grip surfaces.The ABS also comes in four modes, including ABS Cargo, ABS Trail, ABS  Allroad and ABS Touring. This flexibility allows the user to brake effectively regardless of the riding situation.

New Bosch eBike Alarm

This digital anti-theft feature integrates a physical locking feature with an alarm, and can be monitored via the Flow App. In a worst-case scenario where the lock is forcibly opened and the bike is taken, users can track the location of their bikes via the same app. A push notification on the user’s phone will notify them of the situation and comes with automatic tracking.

New Performance Line Motor

Bosch’s improved Performance Line Motor packs an additional 10Nm of torque, marking it at 75Nm. Additionally, the new Auto mode will be able to sense terrain challenges and resistances and will modify your flow accordingly. Even upcoming climbs or headwinds can trigger the motor to adjust for optimal resistance without the need for shifting gears.


New Power Packs from Bosch eBikes

Two new power packs—exclusive to the Smart system—is also about to enter the market. The 545 and 725 PowerPacks allows the user to ride further, compared to the pervious models. This new 725Wh PowerPack is the highest energy content Bosch has to offer to date.

Hill Hold and Cargo Mode

The new Hill Hold Assist feature is a step beyond the Walk Assist mode. This feature hold the bike for 10 seconds without the need to press the minus button, which is how it was previously with the walk-assist feature. For everyone who needs a more robust assist up an incline can definitely take advantage of this new feature.


A New Intuvia 100

A larger font and clearer design, the Intuivia can be fully integrated with the Bosch Smart System. This new display system is the first of its kind from Bosch to operate using Bluetooth. Once you clip it to the handlebars, the unit parts intuitively with the control system.

We are looking forward to seeing these innovations on future Bosch eBikes next year. If you’re interested in more information about these updates or no how to secure yours once they’re available, please get in touch with us, and we would love to help you out.