Vintage Electric bikes - old school cool meets new age ebike tech

Vintage Electric Bikes @ Electric Bikes Brisbane MiltonElectric Bikes Brisbane welcomes Californian-made Vintage Electric Bikes: seductively retro and the fastest production electric bicycles on the market.  

One ride on the Vintage Electric Tracker and we were hooked. It is gorgeous to look at, without a doubt, but under the hood lies a very cleverly designed and superbly crafted machine that leaves you thinking you now know what its like to ride Harry Potter's Thunderbolt broomstick!

To welcome Vintage Electric Bikes to Electric Bikes Brisbane we chat to importers, Theory of Revolution, to find out more about these amazing bikes. We also got the low-down on some famous Hollywood converts. 

EBB: How did the Vintage Electric bikes come about? 

Andrew Davidge built his first vintage electric bike in his parents garage in Silicon Valley when he was still in high school. He was in interested in vintage from the outset and his first ebike was similar to the Tracker. Already thinking about studying automotive design when he graduated, the interest that his first bike generated encouraged him to start Vintage Electric Bikes. Passionate about the vintage styling and creating enduring high quality ebikes, his early designs quickly drew a following in California and now Vintage Electric have three models and their bikes are sold all around the world. 

EBB: We actually had one of the early prototype Tracker's in for a service the other day. What has changed on the bikes in the four years since this was first released? 

Every bit of technology has been updated and the frame has had a slight alteration.  The one constant has been the beautiful design.

EBB: What is your favourite model and why? 

A fully optioned Tracker is our favourite machine, with the classic style and a nod to Cafe Racers.  Coupled with its awesome performance and the refined finish of the machining.

Vintage Electric Tracker electric bicycle @ Electric Bikes Brisbane

EBB: You must have a heap of cool stories about how these bikes are getting used. Any one or two that stand out? 

One of our first customers recently used his Tracker for the Melbourne 'Ride the Night' event and punched out 70+kms in style!!

Another customer used his 2 x Trackers as pit-bikes at the World Superbikes Series at Phillip Island.  They are used quite often as pit bikes. They are a great way to get around and the styling really fits in.

EBB: Any famous customers that you are able to share? 

Zac Efron is a proud Ambassador of Vintage Electric.  He loves his Excelsior Blue Tracker. Jay Leno is also a big fan 

EBB: Who are these bikes perfect for? Why? 

All kinds!  We have everyone from QC's to tree-loppers to Hollywood big names riding our beautiful machines, and we are constantly amazed at our ever expanding demographic.

Vintage Electric Tracker electric bicycle with panniers @ Electric Bikes Brisbane

EBB: Are all of the models and colours readily available in Australia? What cool accessories do you recommend to go with it?

We generally stock all 5 colours of Trackers and the Scrambler.  However if you are after a crazy custom colour, we can do that too, just need a bit more lead-time.  We also have limited stock of the Cruz.

We offer slick and knobby tyres, Moto bars, colour-coded rear racks, bells, bags and suspension and brake upgrade kits.  We love and recommend the Suspension & Brake upgrade kit and Moto bars, its a brilliant combo and offers a more comfortable riding position for taller riders, and a different look.

See an overview of the range of Vintage Electric bicycle models below. 

Vintage Electric Cruz electric bicycle @ Electric Bikes Brisbane Milton

The Vintage Electric Bicycle range in Australia

Vintage Electric Tracker

The model that started it all. A cool, classy vintage road electric bicycle. Upgrade kits also available if you want to add a bit more pizzazz and flexibility to where you ride. 

Vintage Electric Scrambler

If going bush is more your thing then the Scrambler is the model for you. With heavy duty front suspension, moto bars and offroad tyres you'll be climbing twisty fire roads to take in awesome views without breaking a sweat. 

Vintage Electric Tracker electric bicycle @ Electric Bikes Brisbane Milton 

Vintage Electric Cruz

The Vintage Electric Cruz is the classic Californian cruiser with a large dash of Art Deco.  The fastest of all the models and with beautiful style touches such as the stained alder wood frame inlay and cast pewter name badge. 

Vintage Electric Cruz electric bicycle @ Electric Bikes Brisbane Milton

If you think that a Vintage Electric bike is your thing then give Electric Bikes Brisbane a call on 1300 553 110 or drop into our showroom at 26 Douglas St, Milton to see the superb styling and quality of manufacturing and finish for yourself. Even better, take one for a ride.

Be prepared though because one ride and you will be hooked. We were! 


Vintage Electric Tracker and Vintage Electric Scrambler at Electric Bikes Brisbane Milton