Why I Love my Folding EBike

 Why I love my Tern Vektron folding e-bike

When you think about folding bikes you generally think small spaces and convenience. Think again. They are incredibly useful for all the things full-size bikes are too. Ross shares how his folding ebike has become an integral part of his daily life. 

Why I love my folding ebike...

Ross has owned his Tern Vektron ebike for three months now. His work is 14kms from home and he used to try to ride his bike twice a week and caught the train the other three days. Three months into owning his ebike and he is riding every day now: 14km to work three times a week (and 14km back) and riding to the train the other two days.

Plus, he rides a lot more on the weekends as well. Instead of driving, he rides his ebike to the local farmers markets that are that bit further away and also pops down to the local supermarket when he needs to. 

Here is what Ross had to say when asked why he loves his Tern Vektron:  

Rideability Plus 

Why I love my Tern Vektron folding e-bike

  • It rides just like a full-sized bike
  • The assistance up a hill, in traffic from lights, or out of a roundabout is a beautiful thing
  • Comfortable on fat wheels and the incorporated electrics and lights are great
  • Can decide on level of assistance depending on appetite and situation, ranging from none to ‘wow’ - still get a good workout
  • Good distance coverage: a single charge gives me three trips in and out 14km each way to work, then recharges in 3 hours; I leave on charge overnight
  • Low centre of gravity feels safe
I now ride every day without using the excuses that regularly landed me on the train to CBD instead: no longer sardined under someone’s armpit, and I can sing if I choose!

Easy to store and take on the train and car

Why I love my Tern Vektron folding e-bike

  • Folds to go in the train when I take the train
  • Can ride from the train to work in suit pants without working up a sweat
  • Folds at work: I take it into my office rather than into the bike area and it is not in the way
  • Weekends away: it folds to take in the car and I can easily ride up the big hills near our weekender that are usually too steep for me without walking

Carrying extra weight is no issue

Why I love my Tern Vektron folding e-bike

  • Doesn’t matter about weight: I carry my lap top without thinking
  • Big panniers means I can carry big loads and volume and weight isn't an issue; and I don’t have to remove them to fold the bike
  • Large load from Farmer’s market: I now have every Saturday scheduled as to where the local market is, and the morning outing planned. These are further away than I would have ridden to on my non-electric bike, and weight is not an issue for the homeward ride

Interchangeability - A useful family vehicle

  • A useful third vehicle in a family with three teenagers all wanting to get about
  • Easy for family to interchange to use: have recorded their seat preferences and they easily manage
My environmentally-conscious children love it, and it feels pretty good to me too!

Thanks for sharing your story, Ross. 

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