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Who is O2feel?

O2feel is a French electric bike manufacturer that has carved a name for themselves with innovative, durable designs across a broad range of ebikes. They started in 2009 and have won numerous awards for their unique styling and comfort and their ebike have proven to be as durable and easy to ride as they are great to look at. 

What Type of eBikes Do O2feel Make?

O2Feel has a long standing relationship with Shimano and they specialise in mid-drive Shimano-powered bikes. The offer a broad range including folding, e-cargo, classic commuters and also e-mountain bikes. 

Why Buy an O2feel eBike?

O2feel are unique in the market in that they make their own batteries. They are one of the most efficient batteries on the market, are certified by Shimano and also come with an industry-leading four year warranty. 

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