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Who is Ordica Electric Bikes Australia?

Ordica is an Australian brand that helped pioneer modern electric bikes in Australia. In 2013 it was the only electric bike to feature in RideOn and Choice Magazine's bicycle 'Best of' list and the rest as they say is history. Ordica focus on producing classic comfort commuter ebikes with enduring reliability that represent excellent value for money.

Can an Ordica EBike Be Used as a Commuter in Brisbane?

Ordica EBikes use strong and reliable hub and mid-drive motors that are great for tackling the hills, heat and humidity in Brisbane. You can choose between low step through frames or classic crossbar frames and most of the Ordica ebike models come fully equipped with thoughtful accessories such as lights and rear racks that make commuting easier. 

What is the Best Cheap EBike?

At Electric Bikes Brisbane we focus on value and appreciate that what is value to one person may be different to the next person. Ordica offers a great choice to those ebike buyers who are looking for affordability with the reliability and durability that ensures your ebike is a good investment.  

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