Make a Warranty Claim

Your e-bike warranty protects you against manufacturing defects, not for wear and tear. A general rule of thumb for mechanical components and accessories is that if it worked when you picked your bike up from the shop then it may be considered wear and tear, not warranty.

See more about what ebike warranties generally do and don't cover here>>.

How to Make a Claim

Should a part on your ebike prove to be faulty then a replacement part will be provided by the manufacturer free of charge. The warranty is a parts replacement warranty which means that aspects such as diagnosing what the issue is (if required) and the labour to install and repair components is generally not included.

If you have purchased your e-bike from Electric Bikes Brisbane then we provide full warranty support free of charge as a service to our customers. However, if you have not purchased your ebike from us then there will be charges to cover our costs.

Step 1: Complete the Claim Form

If you have a warranty claim please complete the claim form (button below) to get the process started. This gives us the critical information necessary to get the process underway with the manufacturer before you bring your bike in.

Make An E-Bike Warranty Claim

One of our staff will contact you to confirm receipt of the claim and advise next steps. Expect to be asked to provide evidence such as a video or photographs of the problem, as well as a photograph of the frame number of your bike. You will also need to provide a receipt if you didn't purchase your bike from us. 

Please do not bring your bike in until you have completed the claim form first and we have contacted you regarding next steps. 

Step 2: Validating and facilitating the claim

Once we have received instructions from the manufacturer on next steps, we will contact you to arrange a suitable time to bring your bike (or defective part) in if necessary.

Timeframes to resolve the claims vary substantially. It will depend upon how complex the issue is and also how quickly the replacement for the defective item is immediately available. 

Rest assured, our aim is to get you back riding as quickly as possible!

Please also note our Refund Policy.