Your electric bike warranty - what is covered

October 02, 2019

Electric Bikes Brisbane Milton service centre

If you have bought an electric bike from a reputable brand and outlet it will come with at least a two year warranty on the drive system. Here is an overview of what is and isn't covered by your e-bike warranty and the process in the event you wish to make a claim. 

About the e-bike warranty

Your ebike warranty is provided by the manufacturer and provides peace of mind in the event you have a component failure eg the battery or motor.

Your electric bike is made up of many components and, where a warranty is provided, it is provided by the manufacturer of each specific component. For example, the electric drive system warranty is provided by eg. Bosch; your frame warranty is provided by eg. Kalkhoff, your suspension warranty is provided by eg. Fox.

The warranty provided protects you against manufacturing defects, not for wear and tear.

A general rule of thumb, especially for mechanical components and accessories, is that if it worked when you picked your bike up from the shop when you bought it then it is likely to NOT be considered a warranty candidate. It will be considered wear and tear. 

When we sell an e-bike to you we test it thoroughly as part of the build process so you can be confident that it is in as perfect a condition as it can be with no evident defects. Therefore on the topic of warranty we are mostly referring to the electric drive systems which, for the bikes we sell, generally come with a two or three year warranty. 

What does the ebike warranty cover? 

What does your ebike warranty cover

Each ebike manufacturer provides a manual that outlines what is and isn't included in the warranty, and also how they expect you to use and maintain your bike. Similar to other industries, most manufacturers require you to have registered your ebike and details with them. Check your bike manual for details or the website of the manufacturer. 

Here is a general summary of what is usually covered by your warranty, be it frame, electric drive system or individual components. You should check your manual for specifics however as they vary between manufacturers. 

Warranty inclusions

    • There is a defect in materials or workmanship
    • The cause of the change in the product is not due to wear and tear or ageing
    • The damage was not caused by use of the bike for other than the intended purpose (for recreation)

    A warranty is provided to the original owner and ceases upon transfer to another party. A proof of purchase will be required in the event of a claim.

    In all cases you are required by law to provide the retailer (and by default the manufacturer) an opportunity to repair or rectify any issues. Furthermore those issues must be reported and presented for rectification within a reasonable period of time after being detected to avoid further damage occurring (which will not be considered as warranty work). 

    Warranty exclusions

    • Damage caused by improper use or force majeure
    • All parts subject to function-related wear and tear (see below for examples) 
    • Damage which results from improper or insufficient care and repairs, and customisations and alterations 
    • Accidental damage or other external effects, or the consequent damage caused by an accident
    • Damage resulting from competitive or commercial use
    • Special fittings, accessories or non-standard components, including changing the software from the manufacturers setting
    Getting your bike serviced at the required service intervals is also a condition. 

      What is 'wear and tear' ?

      E-Bike maintenance

      At a practical level this is damage caused by using your ebike. As a general rule, if it worked upon collection of your bike then it won't be treated as a warranty item. 

      Here are some examples of what is classified as wear and tear parts that are not covered under warranty:

      • Tyres / flat tires
      • Broken spokes
      • Worn brake pads - expect to replace these approx every 12 months. Ebikes wear brake pads quickly 
      • Chains and toothed belts - expect to replace chains approx every 1,500km, sooner if you are riding a high torque motor and are a heavier rider
      • Chain wheels, sprockets, bottom brackets, derailleur hangars and jockey wheels
      • Sliding bearings/bearings
      • Lights and lighting systems 
      • Mudguards and rubbing
      • Broken kickstands 
      • Worn handlebar tape/handle grips
      • Replacement hydraulic oils and lubricants
      • Gear-shift cables and brake cables
      • Paint and parts finishes eg scratches and dents 
      • Batteries (depletion of capacity to 60% is acceptable within first two years)
      • Cracked frames where it has resulted from improper use eg. telescopic seatposts or seatpost shims not fully inserted while riding, carrying loads beyond the recommended carry capacity

        Genuine defects usually present themselves within the first couple of hundred kms with ebikes so if you have something that is not quite right be sure to get in touch. Unfortunately inexperienced riding or "not knowing" will not be accepted by the manufacturer as a reason to provide a warranty replacement. It must be proven to be a defect. 

        There is an onus on the rider / owner to learn how to take due care and manuals are provided to assist with this. If you are not sure of something feel free to talk to us. A quick google search can often provide advice too, however ensure it is a reputable and suitably experienced channel. 

        Here are some further articles to help you keep your ebike in tip top condition: 

        Warranty claim process

        Electric Bike warranty claims process

        Each manufacturer has their own warranty policy and claim process. If you have a claim you should contact the retailer you purchased from. The role of the retailer is to facilitate the process between the customer and manufacturer and the decision of what is and isn't accepted rests with the manufacturer, not the retailer. 

        A successful warranty claim provides a replacement for the defective item to you free of charge eg. a new battery. If you require that part to be installed or to have additional work on your bike be aware there may be labour charges from the bike shop that is handling your claim to fit or replace it. 

        As part of the service we offer to customers who have purchased their bikes from us, Electric Bikes Brisbane provides reasonable labour costs free of charge. Generally if you require us to retrieve or send back an item via post or freight because you cannot attend the service centre in person then that cost is borne by the customer. 

        Electric Bikes Brisbane customers - claim process

        Electric Bikes Brisbane online warranty claim form

        Step 1. Complete our online warranty claim form

        If you wish to claim something on warranty please complete our online warranty claim form to get the process started. This gives us the critical information necessary to get the process underway with the manufacturer.

        One of our staff will contact you to confirm receipt of the claim and advise next steps. Expect to be asked to provide evidence such as a video or photographs of the problem, as well as a photograph of the frame number of your bike. 

        Please do not bring your bike in until you have completed the claim form first and we have contacted you regarding next steps. 

        Step 2: Validating and facilitating the claim

        Once we have received instructions from the manufacturer on next steps, we will contact you to arrange a suitable time to bring your bike (or defective part) in if necessary.

        Timeframes to resolve the claims vary substantially. It will depend upon how complex the issue is and also whether the replacement for the defective item is immediately available. They usually are but there are occasions where special parts are required from overseas or stock has run out.

        Expect it to be resolved within one to two weeks however it can take longer. In any event you will be kept informed regarding progress. 

        Our aim is to get your back riding as quickly as possible!

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