Spare Parts and Tech Help

We get hundreds of calls per week regarding parts for ebikes and for assistance with electric bikes so we've put together this guide to help you with your queries. While we would love to help all of you, it just isn’t possible so we hope this helps.

Electric Bike Spare Parts

Given the complex nature of electric bikes and the importance matching the correct parts to specifications, our policy is to not sell spare parts independently.

If you have purchased your ebike from us we are happy to source and install the parts as part of a service or repair. Please book this through our service booking form

Older, Online and Second Hand EBikes

If your ebike is over five years old or has been purchased online or second hand, parts are often not readily available, even for us.

So, if you are looking for spare parts for an older brand or style of bike, or a brand that we do not stock, here are some suggestions on where you might be able to find the parts you are looking for:

* Contact the importer or manufacturer of your brand of bike (or the retailer you purchased from). They are required to stock parts for their bikes for five years.

* Most electrical parts such as batteries, chargers, controllers etc can be sourced on eBay – we suggest you start there if you cannot locate the importer or manufacturer.

* Sometimes places like Hobbyrama and Jaycar Electronics have electrical parts that are compatible with electric bike systems and batteries so they are also worth talking to.

    For regular mechanical parts such as spokes, chains, brakes etc your local bike shop should be able to help. EBikes with hub motors have wheels with particular spoke lengths so if you take your bike with you when you visit them they will be able to measure and assist you accordingly.

    Buying a Second Hand Electric Bike

    Buying a second hand electric bike can be tempting and often they are a lot cheaper. Here are some tips to help you avoid your ‘bargain’ costing you a lot more money than than you were expecting.

    Read our tips for buying a second hand ebike »

    Faults and DIY Projects for Electric Bikes

    If you have purchased your ebike from Electric Bikes Brisbane then we provide full warranty and post-sales technical support free of charge as a service to our customers.

    However, if you are seeking advice from our ebike technicians on DIY projects or issues on a bike that you have not purchased from us then there will be charges to cover the technicians' time.

    We have found though that there is a lot of helpful material available online if you prefer not to pay. Our two main go-to places for extra help on electrical and mechanical diagnostics and how-to’s are YouTube and the websites of the bike or parts and tools manufacturers.

    If you want technical assistance from us with a DIY project, eg. installing a conversion kit, or if you want help with diagnosing a fault with your bike that is out of warranty or purchased elsewhere, please complete our Workshop Service Booking Form. Please note that charges may apply.

    Electric Bike Warranty Claims

    Most brands publish their warranty policies and user manuals on their websites. They can differ substantially between brands so you should familiarise yourself with the policy for the brand of the bike that you have.

    If you have an issue that you believe should be dealt with under warranty, and you purchased your bike from Electric Bikes Brisbane, please complete our Warranty Claim Form.