Orbea Vibe: Guide on Orbea's new urban ebike

November 06, 2020

Orbea Vibe 2021 urban ebike range | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Orbea has expanded its offering for 2021 with a slick new purpose-designed flatbar commuter range aptly called the 'Vibe'.

Previously Orbea offered a flatbar version of its revolutionary road ebike platform, the Orbea Gain. The popularity of this version encouraged a ground-up redesign based around Orbea's urban geometry similar to their non-ebike range, the Carpe. 

The result is the Orbea Vibe. Lighter in weight, comfortable and nimble to ride and, with the new integration, an 'invisible ebike in looks. 

Orbea Vibe 2021 urban ebike range | Electric Bikes Brisbane

The Vibe has a slightly more upright in riding position than the Gain and allows more clearance for wider tires. It also showcases superb integration that will set the bar for the rest of the industry. There are some great frame colours on offer too. Overall this is an. innovative, stylish, highly specced 'invisible' ebike range that ups the ante once again. 

Orbea Vibe 2021 - What's New

On the surface the Vibe looks quite similar to the original Gain flatbar but there are a host of new features making it quite different.

Here are the key new features. 

  • A new motor. Orbea have adopted the same motor as for their new road ebike range, the X35 Plus from Mahle (formerly Ebikemotion).  This comes with new simulation for measuring torque intended to provide a more natural ride feel and is more efficient on battery consumption.
Orbea Vibe Mahle X35+ motor | Electric Bikes Brisbane
  • Reduced weight. Frame improvements in eg. motor housing and new forged components reduces bike weight by approximately half a kilo to less than 15kg. This is impressive given Orbea have also improved overall componentry and the previous version was already exceptionally light for an ebike. 
  • A new 'Mid' frame style. This is the frame with lower top bar (which can sometimes be otherwise called a 'mixte') which offers an alternative to the traditional diamond frame for those who want more standover room. 
Orbea Vibe Mid H10 EQ ebike | Electric Bikes Brisbane
  • Daylight running lights. One of the most obvious and striking new features of the Vibe is the lighting system. This comes as standard on all models. At the front is a daytime running light that is mounted on the headset and in the rear is a Lezyne tail light either mounted on the seatpost or mudguard. There is also an additional Lezyne Pro E115 headlamp for night riding that comes with the equipped models.
Orbea Vibe daylight running light | Electric Bikes Brisbane

  • Front end cable integration. The bike has a sleek, clean appearance thanks to optimised cable routing on the frame and cockpit and some smart new components normally found on their premium road bikes. 
  • Multiple accessory options. This year the equipped versions will come with a new custom rear rack and a bespoke OC dual commuter bag. The rear rack carries up to 15kg and is compatible with most child seats and trailers. The new pannier bag is very useful too - roomy, waterproof, clips on/off easily and can be converted to a backpack in 10 seconds.
Orbea Vibe ebike with backpack | Electric Bikes Brisbane
  • Personalise through MyO. Design your ride. If the standard models aren't exactly what you want then Orbea also offer personalisation through the MyO portal which lets you choose frame colours, fork colour, fenders, anodised parts, saddle, grips, bell and tires. (Available only for the H10 models.)

The option to mount a second 'range extender' battery is still available. Read our story on Michael and the range he gets from his Orbea. You may not need one :)

Also, instead of having the two power control functions Orbea have simplified the Vibe to the iWoc Trio control on the handlebars.  

Orbea Vibe Range 2021

Orbea Vibe 2021 urban ebike range | Electric Bikes Brisbane

The Orbea Vibe is offered in two series - the H10 and H30.

In Australia there will be four Orbea Vibe models available: H10 EQ / Mid H10 EQ and H30 / Mid H30 which offers a great choice of component and equipment options. 

Here are the key differences between the two series:

  H10 EQ/
Rear derailleur Shimano XT 12-speed Shimano Deore 10-speed
Shifters Shimano Deore M6100 Shimano Deore M4100
Brakes Magura MT5 E-Stop 4-piston hydraulic disc Magura MT30 2-piston hydraulic disc
Saddle Brooks Cambium Selle Royal Lift
Mudguards Yes, painted -
Daytime running light /tail light
Yes Yes
Lezyne headlight Yes -
Rear rack Yes -
Pannier bag Yes -
Kickstand Yes -
MyO option? Yes -


Orbea Vibe models: Australia

Orbea Vibe H10 EQ: $5,499

Orbea Vibe H10 EQ ebike | Electric Bikes Brisbane

This is the top-of-the-range model in the crossbar frame and comes with all the accessories, including the pannier bag. Available in five stylish colours and four frame sizes and can also customise through MyO. 


Orbea Vibe Mid H10 EQ: $5,499

Orbea Vibe Mid H10 EQ urban ebike | Electric Bikes Brisbane

This is the top of the range model in the Mid frame and comes with all the accessories, including the pannier bag. Also available in five colours and four frame sizes and has MyO option. 


Orbea Vibe H30: $3,999

Orbea Vibe H30 urban ebike | Electric Bikes Brisbane
This is the naked version in a crossbar frame and with 10-speed gearing. It is available in four colours and four frame sizes. 


Orbea Vibe Mid H30: $3,999

Orbea Vibe Mid H30 urban ebike | Electric Bikes Brisbane

This is the naked version in a crossbar frame and with 10-speed gearing. It is available in four colours and four frame sizes. 


Wait! There's More - Gain Carbon Flatbar 

If you prefer the more aggressive road geometry and want an ultra-light carbon flatbar ebike then there are two gorgeous models offered in a flatbar version in the Orbea Gain range, the Orbea Gain M20 F and Orbea Gain M30 F.

You can find out more on the 2021 Orbea Gain road range here.

How can I get a Vibe or Gain? 

Electric Bikes Brisbane has a good selection of Orbea Vibe ebikes in stock or on the way. Please contact us if you would like assistance in choosing which model suits you best or if you wish to place an order. 





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