How to keep your ebike battery healthy

Electric bike battery - Riese & Muller Load 60 cargo with dual battery

Your e-bike battery has a very important job. It is your ‘fuel tank’. The power that it helps provide is what makes riding an e-bike such a unique and pleasurable riding experience. It is also the single most expensive component on your electric bike so it pays to take good care of it.  

Our ebike batteries are made from lithium ion, the same substance as your phone or laptop battery. This is currently the highest density energy source available and the lightest and there is all sorts of amazing chemistry and electronics at work to provide you with your extra oomph.

As your battery ages and you use it more and more, though, its capacity will reduce (and therefore its range) so here are some tips on how to take good care of it to get the best life out of it.

  • Do not drop your battery. This may damage the cells. If a battery case shows sign of damage or tampering a manufacturer will declare that it is not safe to use and you will need to source a replacement.

  • Keep topping up the charge rather than fully depleting each time you ride. Bosch recommend an ideal charging level for a battery is between 30% and 60%. 

  • Store your battery somehow dry and weatherproof, ideally above 15 degrees celsius.

  • Store a battery at approx 60% full during long periods of non-use eg. If you are going away on holiday. You want to top it up for two hours every eight to twelve weeks. 

  • Only use the charger supplied with the bike or a replacement from the bike manufacturer. Using the incorrect charger is dangerous and could damage the battery or cause fire.

  • Do not use a high-pressure hose on your ebike, especially around the battery terminals, and do not ride your ebike through deep water.

E-Bikes and the Queensland Summer

Iphone shut down in heat

Ebike batteries are made of lithium ion, the same material as your mobile phone and laptop. Have you ever left your iphone on the dash of your car in summer? It shuts down, right. That because the cells overheat and the system turns itself off.

E-bikes are the same. If you leave your bike parked somewhere in direct sunlight or where it gets really hot then you run the risk of your bike not turning on when you go to use it. Bosch's guide is to store your bike in a dry environment avoiding direct sunlight at a room temperature of 15 - 20 degrees.

As we know (and lucky for us!) these are Queensland winter temperatures!

The key here is long term storage should be in a dry place and not to let them overheat if you plan to use your bike immediately

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