Electric Bike Stories: Q&A with Sara

April 12, 2016

Electric Bike Stories - Meet Sara, a UQ student and owner of a new EBCO Eagle ebike

We chat to Sara, a student at the University of Queensland, who before purchasing her electric bike hadn't ridden her regular bike for about 4 months.

Hi Sara. So what got you into electric bikes?

In 2014, I started part-time studies and needed quick and inexpensive transportation to uni. I tried cycling a regular bike, but if the weather was too hot or if I was tired, I would take the bus, so I didn’t end up riding much. In fact, I never rode my bike during the summer months. I also needed to shower when I got into uni, regardless of the weather which was a hassle. If I didn’t purchase the electric bike I would still be catching the bus, which I don’t like! Catching the bus to uni is time consuming because I have to combine the bus trip with a 1.5 km walk to get to my final destination.

Buying a second car wasn’t an option as it was too expensive (particularly parking costs at uni). Another option was to purchase a motorised scooter (such as a Vespa), but they’re not suited to Brisbane’s motorways unless it is a motorbike. An electric bike made a lot of sense - it’d be quick, easy to ride and provide some exercise.

I heard about e-bikes via the media - I didn’t know anyone with one. I decided on contacting Electric Bikes Brisbane after viewing their bikes online. I noticed the reviews for EBB are full of praise for Sam and Nick and I concur - they are really passionate, helpful and friendly. Sam encouraged me to test ride one of the e bikes up the road to see how it performed when climbing up a hill. That was really useful as that particular ebike’s motor didn’t kick in when I really needed it. I then did a few hot laps with the Ebco Eagle around the shop and I was sold! It’s an awesome electric bicycle - it’s super comfortable, easy to ride and powerful. I really liked the LCD display that is integrated into the handlebar.

What do you mainly use your ebike for and what sort of distances are you riding on it?

I ride to uni three or four times a week. It’s about 6.5km each way.

What's been the best thing about having an e-bike?

The best thing - that’s hard there’s lots of things I like about my electric bike. The two best things are: it’s quick and I don’t need to have a shower when I get to uni.

Would you recommend an electric bicycle to others?

I rave about my electric bike - most people are interested, but I think the lack of bike paths in Brisbane are a deterrent for people. That said, I’m more confident riding on roads as you are a lot quicker off the mark at intersections. It’s Feb 2016 now and I’ve noticed a lot more electric bikes on the roads.

Any tips or advice for those who are thinking about getting one?

Go for comfort - if the e-bike is really easy to ride you’ll be wanting to ride much more often.
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