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Orbea Rise eMTB 2023 wins Best Buy Award

Orbea has just received one of the most coveted awards in the mountain bike industry with the lightweight Orbea Rise, being crowned the recommended buy of the year by Enduro Mag.  

Enduro Mag is one of the most reputable and demanding mountain bike magazines when it comes to product testing. Although their main focus is mechanical bikes, they also consider lightweight ebikes relevant for their readers.

They loved the previous version of the Rise and the disruptiveness of its philosophy, so were excited to test the latest bike with the new frame design, new motor, more battery options and added integrations.

In this comparison, they thoroughly tested eight of the most interesting lightweight ebikes currently on the market, including the Rise. They loved the new, improved Rise and it was awarded the coveted “Best Buy” award, the best balance of performance and price, describing it as...

“The perfect compromise between Light-eMTB ́s and full-fat all-rounders.”

A central concept for Rise is Rider Synergy, where the 60Nm-tuned Shimano motor offers powerful, natural assistance, as well as approximately 50% more range than other ebikes. Enduro Mag stated that,

“Rise proved the strongest climber in the entire test.“

Get Your Own Rise 2023: EBB's Upgrade Offer

 If you want to get yourself one of these excellent e-mountain bikes then take advantage of EBB's Exclusive Upgrade Offer. 

Receive $500 towards the personalisation / customisation options offered through Orbea's MYO portal when you order your 2023 Orbea Rise from Electric Bikes Brisbane. Plus we provide the option of trading in your old eMTB.

Orbea offer a fantastic array of preproduction customisation options such as: battery sizes, fork, brakes and gearing upgrades, dropper seatpost upgrade plus the option to choose dropper length and many more. 

I want to upgrade my eMTB

For more detail on what's new for the Rise for 2023 plus a comparison with prices on each model available go to our Rise 2023 article here.

Orbea Rise eMTB 2023