BH Easymotion EVO ebikes explained

BH Emotion Evo 2015 Features

It’s not long now until the new BH Easy Motion EVO electric bikes arrive. For those of you who haven’t been scouring the ebike review sites, and Youtube clips, we thought we’d provide a snapshot of what’s new in the BH e-bike range for 2015.

BH have been at the forefront of innovation in the e-bike world with their award winning integrated battery design, and this continues into the new 2015 range.

What’s amazing is that they have managed to improve on what was already an amazing battery design. For 2015 the new BH Easymotion EVO ebikes receive a completely revised battery design that incorporates in-frame charging, and has very useful on battery LED charge status read out.

Powered by state of the art 36v Samsung Lithium Ion cells, the new batteries are slimmer (we estimate a 30% reduction in volume over 2013/14) and have an improved in frame locking and mounting system.

All up there are 16 models available in the European spec 350 Watt BH EVO range for 2015. Sadly not all of 16 ebike models are coming to Australia.

The BH Easymotion EVO Lite models didn’t make the cut predominantly as most Australian (and especially Brisbane) electric bike customers demand the extra range of the higher capacity 12ah batteries.

For obvious reasons the BH Easymotion Evo Snow 2wd drive model isn’t coming across at this stage as this isn’t for use on public roads. Although we’d love to see how 2 x 350Watts and 2wd ebike would perform off road in loose conditions.

The great news is that the marketing leading BH Easymotion NEO Cross and BH Easymotion NEO Jet models receive the EVO treatment, becoming the BH Easymotion EVO Cross and BH Easymotion EVO Jet models.

The even better news is that all the BH Easymotion EVO 2015 bikes in the sport range (EVO Cross, EVO Jet, EVO Jumper and EVO Race) models all feature the new super stylish sweeping hydroformed top tube. When combined with the new slimmer profile of the new batteries its nearly impossible to spot that any of the models is an electric bike.

For those you looking to venture off road on your ebike then you’ll be pleased to hear you now have the choice of 4 mountain bikes in the 2015 e-bike range.

The BH Easymotion NEO Jumper morphs into 2 new models. The BH EVO Easymotion 29er Jumper and the BH Easymotion EVO 650b Jumper. We can’t wait to get out on the trails to compare these 2 new e-bike models back to back. And on the right trail, (smooth single track or fast fireroad) their hardtail ebike cousins, the BH Easymotion EVO 29er and BH Easymotion EVO 650b won’t be far behind!!

If you can’t hold on or don’t want to miss out on your shiny new BH Easymotion EVO then you can secure yours right now, or if you want some expert advice to help you find the perfect electric bike give us a call on 1300 553 110.