What Does 5000km On My EBike Mean? : Suz's Story

 5000km on my Moustache electric bike

In April last year two Moustaches electric bikes were added to our family. That’s EBikes …….not hairy lips.

And on looking down on my little bike computer on the handlebar today it now reads 5000km.

So what does 5000km mean to me?

It means that....

Because of our electric bikes I’ve ridden further than I could have imagined

Previously as a family we had done short bike rides together but I was never that confident on a bike.  

But over these past 8 months with the assistance of the electric motor I’m a better rider (see pic below on the BVRT 😊) and enjoy the “boost” on those bigger hills and when I’m fighting those south easterly headwinds.

With my EBike I’ve spent 5000k’s less in traffic

I now ride four days a week to work. That’s a 52 kilometre round trip. What was once a 45 minute drive on a good day and nearing 2 hours on those particularly bad free way “car park” days has now turned into a regular and guaranteed one hour 6 minutes from door to door of exercise to enjoy beautiful mornings and de-stress after a long day.

I’ve cancelled my car parking space and saved money there too

I've lost 10kg and improved my well-being and outlook no end

Those 5,000 k’s started in the early morning in the dark of winter to the now beautiful early light and cool morning sunrises of our summer. I’ve been rained on, wind blown too but I feel assured by the safety of our Moustache electric bikes with their lights, mudguards and wider tyres.

It’s been a thrill to be in nature and the elements with my EBike

Moustache Open XRoad 3 Electric Bike on BVRT 

Part of those 5,000km has been linking up with the Electric Bikes Brisbane owners rides. What a joy it is to ride with like minded people who have the same smile as I have when riding along.

…..and to the Lycra clad roadies that I pass and overtake on the big hill near Gaza Road I do enjoy the looks on your faces as Mary Poppins glides by.

EBikes are Life Changing

Who would have thought that I would have viewed 5000km of the outside world from a bike seat. So are EBikes life changing…….simply put….YES. 

Moustache electric bike | Moustache Open Xroad 3 ebike

Suz's EBike is a Moustache Open XRoad 3, a multi-purpose-all terrain ebike, Made in France.

Many thanks to Suz for sharing her story. 

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