Moustache electric bikes

Ten years ago, two cycling-mad friends in France set out to create modern, innovative and distinctive electric bikes that put the rider experience front and centre. Why? To encourage you to leave your car in the garage. 

Today Moustache ebikes are considered to be one of the best electric bike brands in the world thanks to their commitment to quality, innovation and rider experience. Their ebikes feature a host of in-house designs which are borne from a desire to make their bikes ride beautifully and be easy to live with. For example, the Magic Grip Control rear shocks and the famous "M' handlebars. This commitment has paid off too with Moustache being awarded EMTB of the year in 2020 and winning a 2021 Design and Innovation Award. 

With a Moustache ebike you can expect something unique in design and special in ride feel. They are designed especially for you, for maximum versatility and enjoyment and to put a smile on your face every day of the week.