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Moustache e-bikes with Bosch @ Electric Bikes Brisbane MiltonMoustache Bikes are a boutique electric bike manufacturer that has been designing and making Bosch-powered ebikes in France for over five years. They are renowned for making beautiful electric bicycles that are exquisitely designed and made, and offer something unique. One of their designers, Philippe Starck, is known for his work on a yacht that was owned by Steve Jobs. When you pair that artistic quality with Bosch drive systems you get electric bicycles that are pre-vetted, trust worthy and quite distinct. Case in point: Moustache electric bicycles are famous for their award-winning Moustache handlebars and, style aside, they offer the most comfortable riding position of any electric bike. Every model in the Moustache range has an incredible attention to detail in the geometry of the frame, quality of welding and the riding position. You can be assured that with a Moustache electric bicycle you will get an e-bike that is unique, recognisable and supremely comfortable to ride. Find out more about Moustache Bikes in Australia here. 

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