Moustache EBikes – Back and Better Than Ever!

Moustache electric bikes

Exciting News. Moustache Electric Bikes Are Back!

Exciting news! Moustache ebikes are now back in Australia with some superb all-rounder and touring ebikes available, plus their award-winning E-MTBs! So if you missed your chance in becoming a proud owner of one of these outstanding French-made electric bikes before, here's your chance.

If Moustache is new to you, then read on and find out more on who they are, why they are so darn good and what models we can expect this season. Here is a snapshot to whet your appetite: 

All-Terrain range

  • Top rated ebikes in the 2021 Choice Magazine Australia review with the Moustache Open XRoad 3 and Moustache Open XRoad 2
  • Moustache XRoad FS 7 wins Best in Test in the Downtown Magazine best ebike for 2021 review from a field on 19 top quality ebikes

E-Mountain Bikes

  • UCI eMTB World Champion winner. Jerome Gilloux is World Champion this year riding a Moustache Samedi 29 eMTB (the same platform as what the Moustache Game 6 runs on)
  • Winner 2021 Design and Innovation Award for the Moustache-developed Magic Grip shock and rear suspension performance that features on all of their dual suspension ebikes

The Moustache Brand

A wise man once said that if you pour your heart and passion into your creation, that creation grows a soul. When Manu and Greg started developing the brand more than a decade ago, their inspirations were childhood memories, family values and the belief that cars will soon be a thing of the past.

Welcome Moustache EBikes | Electric Bikes Brisbane

In Photo: The founders of Moustache, Manu and Greg, with the famous Moustache Tandem Ebike

The company holds a strong belief that ebikes are one of the most incredible developments in the cycling world. They are not just an outstanding alternative to gas-burning automobiles but a genuine source of happiness, as well.

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As the company continued to grow, they have given back to the community by creating more than 150 local jobs and sourcing items such as company clothing and the all important daily coffee locally. And this is set to grow with the recent opening of their brand new production facility in Thaon Les Vosges in northeast France. 

Some quirky (but effective) recycling practices such as using recycled blankets instead of plastics as their bike box packaging are also creating quite a stir as the stories of how they are re-used emerge. EBB, for example, reuses them for bike transportation and any excess blankets are donated to The Smith Family.

Welcome Moustache EBikes | Electric Bikes Brisbane


So, why "Moustache"?

If you sit on any Moustache ebike you will notice an immediate difference to most ebikes. Notice the handlebars? The perfectionist streak of Manu, an avid mountain biker and the driver of research and development for Moustache, originally manifested itself in the custom made handlebars on a Moustache bike.

Today that perfectionist streak presents itself in many custom-designed and made components on a Moustache bike to ensure it can be the best handling, best functioning and most durable bike possible. 

Welcome Moustache EBikes | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Ingenuity in Design & Engineering

Today Moustache has a very extensive range. They produce some of the best performing e-mountain bikes available as well as producing a top range of all-terrain and urban mobility bikes. They also have one of the best e-tandem bikes available. 

Whatever model you choose though Moustache's promise is that you'll be getting one of the most comfortable and dynamic rides you'll ever experience, and years of enjoyable ownership. 

How? Moustache prides itself on a distinct and very thorough production and build process—one that not only makes their ebikes very enjoyable, but reliable and sustainable as well.

Welcome Moustache EBikes | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Secret 1: Detail in Design and Quality

  • The aluminium used for Moustache frames, mudguards, panniers, and rims is the same high-end supplier used by Apple for their phones and computers.
  • The Moustache frame is designed ground up to integrate the motor and battery. Extra detail such as having six battery mount points and custom spacers ensure optimal positioning for balance and a tighter fit so no rattling.
  • Moustache frames are manufactured in their own smelter to ensure that only the highest-quality material goes into their products, and they have their own custom fabricators to ensure quality and consistency.
  • Moustache frames undergo TIG welding before being polished to a clean finish.
  • The rear racks and mudguards on the XRoads are especially designed as an integrated piece. They are made from the same high quality alloy as the frame to ensure strength, durability and ensure no movement even when carrying gear for long periods of time.
  • Every single frame goes through an additional quality check before going through the assembly.

Secret 2: Consistency in Assembly

  • Each Moustache bike is assembled with love and by hand from the ground up by one person. This ensures build quality and accountability, unlike many other brands that are made on an assembly line.
  • The build process starts from the left side of the bike and the craftspeople work their way around the bike. They follow the same process for each unit so consistency is ensured. 

Secret 3: Moustache Wheels

Moustache designs and makes their own rims. The rims are aluminium, from the same supplier as their frames, and are far stiffer than most off-the-shelf wheels. And they use 28 spokes; to provide the best ride quality for the broadest range of riders.  

Welcome Moustache EBikes | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Bosch Partnership: Developing Together 

Over a decade ago, Moustache was one of the first electric bikes to use a Bosch motor and have been instrumental in the shaping of the Bosch electric drive systems as we know today. This close working relationship is why you might see Claus Fleischer, the CEO of Bosch eBike Systems, riding his very own Moustache.

Conversely, Manu is very much involved with the continuing development of new Bosch ebike systems.

Welcome Moustache EBikes | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Bosch chose Moustache as their partner in celebrating their tenth anniversary in the electric bike industry with a line of custom-made Moustache x Bosch ebikes (pictured above).

These two entities have gone beyond supplier and customer and evolved into a genuine partnership of innovation and ingenuity. That is why for the next six months, Moustache dual suspension and eMTB's will have exclusive use of Bosch's newest eMTB motor innovation, the Magic Tour Mode.

Magic Tour Mode

This setting allows the motor to regulate its assistance depending on the requirement of the rider. What sets it apart is the controlled and gentle response, meaning it is a very economical resulting in much longer ranges.

Moustache Magic Tour Mode | Electric Bikes Brisbane
The MAGIC TOUR mode is a software update similar to eMTB mode that replaces the current TOUR mode. It offers numerous advantages:
  • Magic Tour is an automatic mode developed especially for eMTBs, adapting the level of assistance delivered according to your needs, based on the effort provided or your pedalling cadence.
  • It's a sportier mode for eMTBs to provide a smoother ride and a more natural ride feel from the motor.
  • During testing, depending on the conditions, the terrain or the rider, our teams were able to economise on average 15 to 25% more battery life than the eMTB mode and a few per cent more battery life compared to the standard Tour mode!
  • When the rider doesn't need as much support on the flat, the Magic Tour will only provide little assistance and consume less power. The energy economised will be provided when you will need it the most, for example in the climbs or fast accelerations.

What's in Store: New Moustache Range

Now the exciting part, what bikes are available! 

The XRoad Range

The new XRoad Range is Moustache's all-rounder range and is the result of New Zealand's abundance of off-road touring trails and commuter paths.

An early adopter of the Moustache bikes, NZ convinced Manu to develop a range that can accommodate a bike with all the essentials of an urban ride but with features that enable off-road use and multi-day riding that can be used on their extensive rail trail network.

Moustache XRoad range of ebikes


With the XRoad Moustache have raised the bar on how to combine agility with comfort. They come with off-road friendly specs such as treaded tyres, a wider gear range, and rock-solid forks and brakes, and still have all the urban innovations, including racks and lights.

Of particular note is the new Open XRoad frame. The result of a true dedication to perfection. (Open = low step). Thanks to its fastidiously designed and engineered frame with its 'Triple Cavity Tubing' in the downtube, and the attention to detail with the precise battery placement and motor integration, you can say goodbye to the 'speed wobbles' and enjoy an incredibly stable yet dynamic ride.

Moustache ebikes | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Additional features of the new generation XRoads include easy-access internal cable routing, tougher mudguards, adjustable stems, longer forks plus the beautiful ride position that Moustache's own-designed handlebars offer.

To truly appreciate just how good the XRoad is you really should ride it though. One ride and you will be hooked! 

Our pick of the hardtail models available in Australia this season is the XRoad 2 and XRoad 3 series, with the lovely quiet and strong Gen 3 Bosch Performance Line motor: 

  • XRoad 2, the more urban-oriented version with 500Wh battery in the Open style frame (only)
Moustache Open XRoad 2 | Electric Bikes Brisbane
  • the XRoad 3, the longer-distance hardier touring models with 625Wh batteries. Available in an Open and Closed style frame.  


The XRoad FS 5 - a Dual Suspension Tourer

The XRoad FS 5 is designed for the rider who prioritises comfort, power and traction above all else. Moustache developed the XRoad FS to give the rider all the features of the XRoad Range with the additional comfort and traction of a plush dual-suspension platform. The XRoad FS 5 is also powered by the very strong Gen 4 Bosch CX and with a large 625Wh battery you can go anywhere in style, comfort and safely. 

Find Out More Here

Moustache XRoad FS 5 ebike


It also features Moustache's own designed 'Magic Shock' and this shock has been developed exclusively by Moustache for this style of riding. It is very linear due to having minimal compression damping and this allows riders to use the full travel for both comfort and traction. (Something which many other SUV-style ebikes cannot achieve as the shock is often overly damped.)

The geometry of this ebike is also more beginner-friendly. This allows newer riders to change direction easier, and feel more stable and balanced. Wide 27.5+ tyres are manageable (vs big 29ers) and also give extra traction and comfort for the rider. So newer, less-confident riders on this ebike can really enjoy the off-road too. 

Moustache Game - Enduro and Downhill eMTB

The Game is an Enduro-focused eMTB that prioritises the descents and maintains control in big impacts. It sports the most aggressive shocks that  Moustache makes, with the highest compression and progression in the range.

Achieving the optimum ride was paramount in developing the Magic Grip shock and Moustache's attention to detail paid off this year when they were awarded a 2021 Design & Innovation Award. (Read more about the Magic Grip shock below)

Moustache Game 6 eMTB | Electric Bikes Brisbane

The Moustache Game 6 is a 29er with 27.5" compatibility, and it is powered by the strong Gen 4 Bosch CX. The new frame with an integrated 625Wh battery offers brilliant handling and suspension execution thanks to Moustache's own designed Magic Grip rear shock. This was recognised this year with a 2021 Design and Innovation Award. 

The Moustache eMTB range comes with slightly shorter reaches than many other brands. While it's on-trend to have a long reach, Moustache favour a slightly shorter geometry that allows riders of all levels to maneuverer the bike with more ease. In addition, the extra weight of an eMTB assists in straight-line stability at speed, so the need for a more extended front reach is minimised.

The Game is an e-mountain bike that the pros gravitate to and one that offers endless fun and confidence-inspiring performance no matter what your level of experience is.


More on the Game 6 Here

The Moustache Magic Grip Shock

Moustache's Magic Grip Shocks have a lockout and precise rebound adjustment. Unlike other mainstream suspension providers, the shock is already tuned to each bike (Xroad FS, Wide, Trail, and Game), so there's less worry and adjustment required for the end-user. 

This also increases the service window of the shock by a considerable amount. 


Moustache Tandem X2

The tandem is a model that Moustache is famous for thanks to its no-compromise design and engineering, resulting in a bike that offers incredible handling for both of its riders.

The Moustache Tandem X2 electric bike is a trekking-oriented tandem that offers twice the fun with its effective handling and top condition. It is powered by the Gen 4 Bosch CX motor and comes with 1,000Wh battery capacity, and is furnished with all the essential accessories for touring and commuting.

Moustache Tandem ebike


The Moustache Tandems come in two version, an offroad oriented model and an onroad touring model

A Moustache for Everybody

Electric Bikes Brisbane is proud to be a trusted retailer of Moustache Electric Bikes. And much like manufacturers such as Moustache, we are also very passionate about how electric bikes can change the course of our lives. 

How Can I Get One?

We have a wide selection of the Moustache ebikes in stock and on their way, and test models to try out as well.

If you have any questions or wish to test ride a Moustache, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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