Moustache eBikes: Another icon joins Electric Bikes Brisbane

Moustache Lundi e-bike @ Electric Bikes Brisbane

We love great bikes. That’s no secret. Find out why Campbell Read thinks Moustache Bikes are best electric bikes on the planet!

If you have been to Queenstown NZ in the past four years you may have already ridden a Moustache electric bicycle. Campbell Read launched ChargeAbout there, an electric bike rental business, with a fleet of these beautiful French designed-and-made electric bikes. Four years later Campbell still reckons they are the best ebikes on the planet, and has expanded his operation to bring them to Australia.

Electric Bikes brisbane is very happy to welcome this iconic brand. We love these bikes – they are incredibly comfortable and fun, and each one offers something unique. A touch of French flair!

Find out more about Moustache electric bikes from Campbell below, and the range of beautiful ebikes on offer:

EBB: ChargeAbout became the first ever offshore distributor for Moustache bikes when you initially took them on. What made you choose Moustache?

I was juggling between two unique brands, one German and the other French. After riding many, many bikes at Eurobike 2013, I was convinced by the Moustache ride – it is just so good. That, and their handsome good looks.

EBB: What do you love about the brand? 

Moustache are easily the coolest e-bikes on the planet! We have had them for four years in our hire business and I still reckon they are the best electric bike available.

Moustache ONLY produce eBikes and their underlying philosophy is to have FUN on a bike, with the ultimate goal of more people on bikes not only loving riding but loving their eBike.  Emmanuel, the designer and co-founder of Moustache, obsesses about geometry for ultimate handling and comfort and this is then finished off in a smart package anyone would be proud to own. 

If something doesn’t work well enough, they design it themselves. Take the mudguards for example. Mudguards are usually very annoying because they can rattle and rub. Moustache designed and made their own rigid double-wall aluminium guards. They have the same gauge and strength as a wheel rim and provide seamless cable routing.  These guards also provide integrated support for the Moustache rear racks that come standard with Ortlieb QL3 pannier adaptors. 

Moustache ebike proprietary mudguards - Electric Bikes Brisbane Milton


EBB: Tell us about the Moustache handlebars? How did they come about and why? 

Their handlebars are an iconic piece of cycle design from way back that has been redesigned by Moustache for comfort and modern-retro appeal. The design has an essential function – it offers a natural riding position and improves comfort. Painstakingly developed angle by angle to find the absolute perfect geometric and ergonomic position for the rider, and made from 6061 alloy (the same as the frame) for maximum durability.

They have two versions: a high-rise city version which you will find on the Lundi; and a touring or trekking version which offers a more sportive version, better for longer rides.


Moustache Lundi electric bike - superb comfort with an upright riding position

EBB: Any favourite customers you would like to share?

Lots :) We have had an ex-pro Downhill rider with a serious leg injury get a Moustache Down so he can still go nuts on the extreme trails.  A teenager with cerebral palsy, now able to go on MTB adventures with his family on his Trail 6.  I really enjoy the couples who come in and say, "I want a bike for her/him so we can ride together", then I insist they both go for a decent trail ride and they come back saying it was the best ride of their lives and they buy two Moustache bikes so they can keep riding together. I guess cracking the toughest MTB purist is my favourite, especially since I was one of them.

Whoever it is hitting the trails on our Moustache eBikes when they hire, they mostly come back asking where they can buy one and where they can leave a review on tripadvisor as it was their favourite thing they did in Queenstown. Even ahead of throwing themselves off bridges and buzzing round in choppers!  Riding a Moustache around Queenstown gives folk the freedom to go wherever they want and at their own pace. It is an absolute pleasure to get folk out riding the trails together no matter the fitness range of the group.

EBB: What is your favourite model and why? 

The Friday is my favourite eBike to ride and to look at. It has super direct steering and is a hoot on formed gravel trails. It reminds me of a street tracker/ cafe racer motorcycle of old, brooks leather saddle and carbon fork for absorption of vibration. A little ‘DEUS’ perhaps?

Moustache Friday Black 7 - fun and comfort on and off road


EBB: What Moustache models will be readily available in Australia? What accessories do you recommend to go with it?

Their range is huge now so we have hand picked the best model for Australia, based on our experience of four years in NZ.  

Demand is high so get a Moustache while you can because the 2017 models are nearly sold out in Europe already. 

Accessories:  Moustache produce a proprietary kickstand for all MTB models, even full suspension MTB. There is also a Moustache rear rack for hardtail MTB, and a Moustache branded waterproof pannier made by german manufacturer Ortlieb that will fit directly to all Moustache bikes with rear racks using the Orlieb QL3 fixing.

EBB: Any tips for customers on how to get the best out of their Moustache bike?

There is a Moustache for everybody so buy the right model the first time and have EBB set up your bike just how you like it.  Have your service interval programmed into you Bosch system every 900km so the bike shop can check everything is running well for you.

Thanks Campbell! Here are the Moustache models available for test riding at Electric Bikes Brisbane:

Moustache Lundi - a step through with a difference

Moustache Lundi ebike @ Electric Bikes Brisbane Milton

A distinctively beautiful stepthrough e-bike, powered by the Bosch Performance Line drive system. 

What's unique? 

  • The Moustache 'M' handlebars - perfect if you prefer the classic upright riding position and positioned ergonomically, just right for ultra-comfort.
  • The frame - Moustache's own design. Rectangular tubing, extra low entry for easy mounting and dismounting and exceptionally strong. Built for comfort and to last.  
  • 26" wheels and fat tyres - bikes with wheels this size are not usually available with the Bosch Performance Line drive system. This is perfect for small riders, or for taller riders who want a full size but more compact ebike.

Moustache Friday Black 7 - the gentleman's cafe racer

See Campbell's comments above! His favourite bike.  A street tracker/ cafe racer style that is a hoot to ride on road and gravel trails. 

What's unique? 

  • The Moustache touring handlebars - slightly swept back for that retro feel but very comfortable and also providing excellent handling.
  • The frame - Moustache's own design. Strong, lightweight and very handsome.
  • The whole package is geared towards comfort and great handling eg. Brooks leather saddle, suspension seatpost, bespoke frame and carbon fork for absorption of vibration.

Moustache Samedi 27/9 Off 3 - your do-everything ebike

Moustache hardtail mountain bike at Electric Bikes Brisbane Milton

An innovative and modern hardtail mountain bike that will have you exploring rail rails and forests on the weekend and blasting your daily commute during the week. 

What's unique? 

  • Lots! With this design Moustache introduce a host of industry-leading technologies and innovations.
  • The wheels - a 29" wheel up front and a 27.5" wheel at the rear. Trust us. This works and its incredible. Greater grip and ability to clear obstacles up front and fast acceleration enabled by a smaller rear. 
  • Moustache's 14T crankset and shorter chainstays - allows a wider gear capacity and the chainstay design keeps the bike nimble and fun.

Moustache Samedi 27/9 Trail 5 - your do-everything-in-comfort ebike 

All of the above, and add 140mm full suspension. This is a great trail bike and if you are into exploring rougher trails and want some additional comfort then this is the ebike for you. This electric bike comes into its own when you head bush and need a bike that will handle whatever comes your way. It is especially good climbing up steep, rough dirt trails and coming down steep roughs when you get yourself lost -- as we found out!  

Moustache Samedi Trail Trail 5 ready to do the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

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