Brose 2.0 Mid-drive system

December 01, 2015

BH Revo Cross with Brose 2.0 Mid Drive Motor

Brose are the latest manufacturer to enter the electric bike arms race in Australia with their Brose 2.0 mid-drive motor.

So who are Brose?

The Brose group are the world’s fifth-largest family owned automotive supplier. They specialise in innovative mechanotronics for vehicle doors and seats as well as electric motors (which is where the e-bike synergies come in).

With a turnover of 5.2 billion euros, and employing 24,000 people in 60 locations around the world, it’s safe to say Brose are a serious player in the electric bike market.

Industry giants Specialized have already adopted the Brose drive system for their flagship e-bike range and they are joined by a number of other premium ebike manufacturers including BH Emotion. 

What makes Brose different from other ebike mid drive units?

  1. Up to a whopping 90NM of torque
  2. Motor placement integration
  3. Near silent internal belt drive
Up to 90NM of Torque

There’s a bit of a torque war going on in the ebike world at the moment with each manufacturer upping the ante on their claimed torque figures.

Brose currently lead the torque arms race with their claimed 90NM. This gives them a 15NM lead over their rivals from Bosch Performance Line CX and Impulse, who both claim 75NM and 70NM respectively.

It will be interesting to see where this race ends up as 90NM is a lot!! More torque means more wear and tear on chains and sprockets, hence why Brose tends to feature on higher performance ebikes, rather than general commuters and touring ebikes, where the Bosch Active line and Impulse motors fit the bill more than adequately.

Motor placement integration

From a design perspective the Brose mid drive system is almost fully integrated into the frame design. Check out the BH Revo Cross for example, with its fully integrated battery it’s hard pushed to tell that this is an electric bike.

BH Revo Brose Mid Drive Motor

Near silent internal belt drive

Most mid drive ebike systems have an internal gearbox to reduce the motor RPM to the final drive RPM at the crank.

Where the Brose system differs is that it uses a belt drive to connect the gears rather than them being driven directly. The result is a very smooth and near silent drive system.

When will Electric Bikes Brisbane have the first Brose ebikes in-store?

The first of the BH Revos with Brose mid-drive are here!

If you haven’t done so already, you can visit and like our facebook page and we’ll keep you posted for upcoming demo days.

And in the meantime, you can check out the full range of BH Revo Brose bikes on our website.

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