How one family has ditched the car for good and 'gone electric'

Riese & Muller Load e-cargo electric bike

We had a great week last week handing over some much-anticipated custom-made Riese & Muller ebikes to customers.  Koren and Chris, who have a 1-year old daughter, were especially excited though.

When they initially placed their order for their Riese & Muller Load (a full suspension electric cargo bike) they had just made the huge decision to ditch cars altogether and use an electric bike instead. A few weeks later they were eagerly anticipating its arrival as they had just sold their cars! Pretty inspiring stuff. Read on to find out why.

Congratulations on your new 'car'! What inspired your decision to sell your car and get an ebike?

We realised that the simplest of tasks were becoming more and more difficult with a car and a small child. Trying to find parking at our local gym, the supermarket and even the weekend markets was harder than ever. Walking with the pram took too long so we started considering bike options and found the wonderful world of cargo bikes.

Why did you choose a Riese & Muller Load e-cargo?

If I was going to give up my car for a bike I wanted to make sure it got used. That meant something that was comfortable to ride for both Adeline and I, and of course electric. The dual suspension set up on the Riese and Muller Load made it the clear winner for us. The continuous NuVinci hub gear makes it so easy to ride even with the bike loaded, even going up a hill. Never again will I be caught at a set of lights in the wrong gear!

How have you found the Load so far?

We have had the bike for two days now and done just over 50km. So far I have been to the gym, done a full grocery shop, picked my daughter up from daycare and had a family outing to South Bank. It rides beautifully even with my daughter in the front and weight in the panniers. I have only ever ridden a road or mountain bike, this is my first time riding a cargo bike and its so much easier than I ever imagined. The turning circle is the one thing I am still mastering but I am getting better!

Any advice or words of encouragement you would like to offer for others thinking about making the same choice (to sell their car(s) and get a bike or ebike instead)?

There are so many positives to ditching the car and riding your bike. Its good for you, its good for the environment and in the long term, its good for your back pocket.

We wanted our daughter to grow up seeing riding a bike as the norm and the car as the exception. She is already a happier kid outside and the bike is an extension of her love of the outdoors.

Also....No more traffic! No more searching for car parks! I can already feel the stress leaving my body.

Karen and Adeline on Riese & Muller Load e-cargo bike

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