Just landed! New e-bikes from Tern Bicycles and Orbea

July 16, 2018

Tern GSD Electric Cargo Bike

Just landed! We welcome renowned brand, Tern Bicycles, to Electric Bikes Brisbane and have also just received some great new models from leading Spanish brand, Orbea.  


Tern Bicycles - an electric start

A world-renowned folding bike brand makes a splash with their first electric bike range.

From the outset Tern Bicycles set out to design and manufacture high quality and highly practical bikes for everyday use. They are best known for their robust and innovative folding bikes - robust, innovative and very stylish, and these have earned them numerous international design awards.

Their recent expansion into electric bicycles is adding to the accolades with their electric folding bikes being powered by mid-drive systems and their ground-breaking foray into electric cargo bikes with their excellent GSD model.

The Tern GSD Electric Cargo Bike

Tern GSD electric cargo bike at Electric Bikes Brisbane

The Tern GSD cargo ebike is being described in Europe and the US as 'almost perfect'. This is an impressive long-tailed cargo bike that can fold down to one third its volume, carry up to 180kg and is adjustable to suit just about any rider height. The GSD is powered by the very capable Bosch Performance Line mid-drive system and Tern have designed it to easily carry a second battery for extra range if you choose. 

We have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the GSD and it doesn't disappoint. It is beautifully made, beautifully designed and lovely to ride. And it's very popular already! 

The Tern Vektron electric folding range

Tern Vektron folding electric bike

The Tern Vektron models take Tern's folding heritage and amps it up. There are very few brands in the world that make folding bikes with mid-drive motors and none with the quality of the Tern Vektrons. Renowned for their frame strength, their great ride quality and flexibility, Tern have released a range of extra-strong electric folding bikes that are receiving as many accolades in Europe as the Tern GSD. Perfect for city dwellers, travellers and cycle enthusiasts alike. 

Available with the Bosch mid-drive motor and the more economical Bafang mid-drive motor. 

 See the Tern ebike range here>>

Also just landed - new Orbea models

Spanish brand, Orbea, expands its acclaimed Katu models and beefs up a favourite

Orbea is best known for their outstanding premium road bikes, and the release of their electric bike range last year highlighted their excellent design and engineering capability.

Fun, bright colours make them stand out and every bike in their range is characterised by the exceptional ride quality you expect from a leading road bike manufacturer. We have two new road-oriented models just landed and check out their acclaimed Wild FS if you love your mountain bikes. 

The Orbea Katu compact range

Orbea Katu compact electric bikes at Electric Bikes Brisbane

The Orbea Katu quickly became a favourite for those looking for the ultimate in alternative urban transport. It is compact, zippy, fun and a great way to get around. 

The popularity of the Orbea Katu has encouraged Orbea to release a range of Katu models with different electric drive systems and gearing systems to offer ebikes suitable for commercial use through to everyday private use, at different price points. 

Orbea Keram - drawing on its road heritage

Orbea Keram commuter ebike with Bosch Performance CX

This year the Orbea Keram gets beefed up with an upgrade to the Bosch Performance CX mid-drive system. Already a fast bike with its rigid fork and 29" wheels the Bosch CX motor gives it even more grunt for those hills. It comes in some funky colours too, a different colour for each size. We are loving its bright orange 'pop' in the showroom (the large size)!  

If you are looking for a top notch commuter that offers something a little bit different from the mainstream come in and try it. It is a lovely ride.

New e-mountain bike models

If you are into your mountain biking, check out the brand new mountain bike models just arrived here. 

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