New E-Mountain bikes. Now in.

July 16, 2018

Haibike XDuro AllMtn e-mountain bike

Want something special? We have some awesome new E-Mountainbike models just in. The highly acclaimed Orbea Wild FS eMTB has arrived and so have the 2018 Haibike mountain bikes with their Bosch Powertube battery integration. These beautiful e-bikes are even better in the flesh!

Orbea - Europe is going 'Wild' over this e-bike

Complete battery integration is a big theme in this year's eMTBs however bike designs with a Shimano drive system so far have sacrificed battery capacity to get full integration. 

The Orbea Wild FS however has managed to integrate a whopping 500Wh battery which gives you plenty of uphill grunt on trail with the Shimano E-8000 motor.

Orbea are best known for their road bikes however they have stealthily been designing some awesome mountain bikes, which are getting great reviews in Europe. The release of the electric Orbea Wild FS with its 140mm front and rear suspension has added to their accolades. 

Come and try the Orbea Wild FS 40, their base model which is a very reasonable $5,699, and see just how good this bike is . Then you can choose which one of the four specifications available that you want :) 

Haibike eMTBs - their best bikes yet

Haibike XDURO NDuro 8.0 eMTB 

Not much you can say here except....WOW! You really have to see them to appreciate just how good Haibike's 2018 bikes are. You are hard pressed to tell they are electric with the Bosch Powertube and every little detail is beautifully engineered and made. 

Haibike have a big range and we have a selection of their ebikes on the floor. Read about the new models and what's changed from last year's bike with our article on the 2018 Haibike range, here.   

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