Orbea Gain road e-bikes: What's new in 2020

Orbea Gain electric road bikes 2020Road electric bikes made their entry onto the Australia ebike scene last year and received a great reception. After releasing a superb introductory range of road ebikes, Orbea up the ante on connectivity and capacity for its 2020 range and have also released some exciting new flatbar models. 

Range Overview: Orbea Gain styles

Orbea is renowned for its excellence and pioneering in road bikes, and is one of the brands leading the charge on the electric road bike scene with its Orbea Gain range.

Three categories of road electric bike

The Orbea Gain is offered in three different categories: Carbon, Alloy and Flatbar.

All three styles are built on the same frame design and are powered by the eBikemotion X35 electric drive system which offers an excellent power-on-demand electric assist. If you are new to this technology you can read more about the philosophy behind it here>> 

Orbea offer excellent value. Their Flatbar ebikes start from $3,599, and the alloy and carbon road ebikes from just $4,499 and $6,699 respectively.

Prices vary depending on how sophisticated you want your frame, technology, gearing / braking systems, wheelsets and overall riding experience to be.

A full overview of the models available, prices and key differences is below. In summary:  

  • The carbon “M” models are their high-end road ebikes built on a carbon frame with top-of-the-range road bike running gear. 

  • The alloy “D” models are also a purpose-built road ebike. The “D” models are built on the same frame mould however they are alloy (vs carbon) and this, with their specifications, offer a more economical option. 

  • The flatbar “F” models are the urban versions of the alloy “D” road ebikes, built on the same frame. They come in two styles: ones that are fully equipped with lights, mudguards etc or the cleaner street style.

The 2020 Range: Key Changes from 2019

Connectivity and capacity has been a huge theme in ebike design this past year and it is very much evident in the 2020 range for the Orbea Gains.

The two biggest changes this year is the introduction of:

  1. Ant+ technology in the Orbea Gain batteries, and

  2. the Orbea Gain Range Extender

Orbea Gain Ant + batteries

Orbea Gain battery with Ant+

This year the Orbea Gain batteries have been updated so they are compatible with ANT+ devices. Orbea already has very sophisticated technology in its battery management system and having Ant + takes it to another level.

What is Ant+?

ANT+ is the wireless technology that allows your monitoring devices to talk to each other eg. Garmin, Cateye, Bryton, powemeters, strava... If you want to know whether the device(s) you use are compatible see this list here>>

The Orbea Gain “M” models are supplied with Ant + “Orbea Components” (OC) displays as part of their standard spec. The display will be an option for the "D" road alloy models and are not available with the “F” models.

The Orbea Gain Range Extender

Orbea Gain Range Extender

The standard battery that comes with an Orbea Gain is 272Wh. If you are using the power all the time when you ride (which is not usually necessary) this provides a range of up to 100km.

The Orbea Gain Range Extender is a 208Wh external battery that can you can attach to your bike, a bit like a bottle cage. This almost doubles your battery capacity to 450Wh, for at least an extra two hours riding. The range extender is $875 and can be used on all of the 2020 models. It can also be retrofitted to the 2019 models.

Orbea Gain Road E Bike Models - Comparison

There are four models each of the Carbon “M” models and Alloy “D” models available in Australia. The key differences between these two road bike models, excluding their running gear, are:


Carbon “M” Models

Alloy “D” Models

Ant+ battery?



Ant+ OC Display included?


No – extra $139


11.3kg (Carbon frame)

13kg (Alloy frame)

Customise through MyO?



Price (see below for specs)



*Orbea offer make-to-order customisation through the ‘MyO’ platform. Customisation options vary for the models but generally include colour and finish, components, frame size and ergonomics (eg. crank lengths, handlebar and stem length). Just let us know which options you want when you place the order and we’ll do the rest.

Orbea Gain Carbon Road Ebikes - Model Comparison

Orbea Gain carbon road ebike

Here is an overview of the key differences between each of the "M" models: 

Model Name





Orbea Gain M10i

Shimano Dura Ace Di2 11 sp

Shimano R9170

Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon Disc UST


Orbea Gain M20i

Shimano Ultegra Di2 11 sp

Shimano R8070

Mavic Aksium Elite Disc UST


Orbea Gain M20

Shimano Ultegra 11 sp

Shimano R8070

Mavic Aksium Elite Disc UST


Orbea Gain M30

Shimano 105 11 sp

Shimano R7070

Mavic Aksium Elite Disc UST



Orbea Gain Alloy Road Ebikes - Model comparison

Orbea Gain road electric bike 

There are four road bike models available featuring the Alloy frame. At around 13kg in weight they are still very light compared to most ebikes and they offer a more affordable alternative to the carbon models. This year Orbea have also revamped the frame colours.

Here is an overview of the key differences between each of the "D" models: 

Model Name

Groupset / Brakes




Orbea Gain D20

Shimano Ultegra 11-Sp




Orbea Gain D30

Shimano 105 11-Sp




Orbea Gain D31

Shimano SLX 11-Sp




Orbea Gain D40

Shimano Tiagra 10-Sp





Orbea Gain Flatbar Ebikes - Model Comparison

Orbea Gain Flatbar EBikes

In the flatbar range there are five models available and three come equipped for commuting with rear rack, lights etc.

The flatbar models are based on the road Alloy frames in a flatbar urban style and offer a choice of four colours: red, blue, mineral green and black. At only 14kg in weight they are the lightest urban-style ebike around. Here is a comparison of the five models:

Model Name





Orbea Gain F10


Shimano Deore 10 sp



Orbea Gain F20


Shimano 105 11 sp

Selle Royal


Orbea Gain F25


Shimano Claris 8 sp

Selle Royal


Orbea Gain F35


Sun Race 9 sp

Selle Royal


Orbea Gain F30


Shimano Claris 8 sp

Selle Royal


Orbea Gain F40


Prowheel 42 9 sp

Selle Royal



How can I get one?

This year we will have various models arriving from September, with more stock and other models arriving each month thereafter. If you custom order  and/or request air freight on a particular size / colour then expect it to arrive within 2-6 weeks, depending on production and availability.

We have Orbea Gain demo bikes available to test ride and you can book your test ride here >>. Choose 'e-road test ride experience'. 

Alternatively give us a call on 1300 553 110 or contact us via our online enquiry form if you would like place an order or get further information.

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