Orbea Gain road electric bikes

September 09, 2018

Orbea Gain electric road bike

Road electric bikes are a new category in the world of e bikes, having only just become available in Australia last year. Orbea is renowned for its excellence and pioneering in road bikes. Orbea has been leading the charge with the release of its highly acclaimed road ebike range, the Orbea Gain, which includes their carbon model which has taken the crown of lightest production ebike in the world at just 11.3kg.

Hidden Power. Enough Power = A New Philosophy.

Orbea’s design philosophy with the Gain ebikes is to enhance your ride, not take over it. The design is revolutionary. The electric drive system has been designed and developed to subtly enhance your ride to provide an enjoyable road riding experience and the integration of the electrics into the overall bike is so good it is difficult to tell it is an electric bike.

Expect ‘enough power’ on your ride, not full power that takes over.  Orbea have worked in partnership with eBikemotion to develop the X35 electric drive system that is smooth and subtle and intuitive to operate so you can focus on your riding. The fully integrated battery and wiring, well positioned and simple controls and compact motor are so clean in design its hard to tell its an electric bike.

With the Orbea Gain road ebikes it is all about the riding. Being lightweight and agile you can ride it easily with the power off as well as on and there is no additional drag if the motor is off. On all the Orbea Gain models the motor and battery are controlled via a single button and LED indicators on the top tube leaving handlebars clutter free.

Orbea Gain X35 eSystem

There is also an app that is smartphone and smartwatch compatible which gives you navigation and other functionality. So, if you are that way inclined you can link up Bluetooth to your heart rate monitor. Or simply connect your Android or iWatch for extra information such as speed, distance travelled, altitude, battery capacity, trip time, to name just a few. Clean. Simple. Easy.

The visuals give you battery indicator and you can choose between three power levels as well as switch to riding without power easily.

The Gain battery is completely hidden in the down tube. Removable if need be but it is not necessary to remove to charge. Orbea have put a lot of effort into designing the smallest, lightest and most discreet battery unit possible and their design really does make it hard to distinguish this as an ebike from normal bikes.

The Orbea Gain resembles a regular road bike and by god have they achieved that. I had to do a double take when I first saw it! - Road CC Magazine

Orbea suggest that the Gain has a range of up to 100km with ts standard battery and you can extend this range with an extra bottle cage mounted booster battery to keep you powered up on longer outings.

Winner Design & Innovation Award 2018

Orbea Gain road e bike

In Orbea’s words we are at the doorstep of a new era. When Orbea first released the Gain road ebike they astonished the bike press around the world with the with the “pioneering” nature of this road bicycle.

So much so that the Orbea Gain was awarded a Design and Innovation Award in 2018 for the “pioneering work” done by Orbea’s engineers to create “a simple but well-functioning electric road bike” that “will change the lives of many cyclists, allowing them to rediscover their two-wheeled freedom”. The award panellists also highlight the “very high level” performance of “both the software and hardware of the powerful 250 W Ebikemotion X35 motor” and its “stylishly integrated battery and rear hub motor”.

2020 Orbea Gain E-Bike Range Just Released

Find out what the key changes for the 2020 range are, including an overview of all models available, here >>

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