Riese & Muller E-Bikes – What's New For 2020

Riese & Muller 2020 Range - What's New

World leaders Riese & Muller have released another superbly designed, innovative range for 2020. They have completely reinvented three core platforms using new Bosch tech with more Rohloff and gates carbon belt drive options, and have given accessories an overhaul as well. The result is another beautiful selection of luxurious ebikes showcasing cutting edge technology and design and bikes that are even more practical and useable as transport alternatives.

2020 Riese & Muller E-Bikes – Reinventing Favourites

Riese & Muller work with Bosch as a development partner so when Bosch announced their new motors we were expecting some changes in the 2020 Riese & Muller line-up.

The results? Riese & Muller have taken a balanced approach. They have focused their efforts on the older models that best suit the newer motors, using it as an opportunity to further improve the design.

What is great about the new models though is that they have taken a ground-up approach in the redesign. They have completely reinvented three core bikes - the Delite, Supercharger and Load; and have expanded the lineup in the very popular Charger series. Importantly, the accessories that accompany them have also been redesigned so the 2020 release is an even more beautiful and practical range of e-bikes than ever.

Riese & Muller 2020 Range Overview

Key Changes for 2020 Riese & Muller E-Bikes

The key changes for the 2020 Riese & Muller electric bikes are:

Reinventions – Delite, Supercharger and Load

The Delite: One of Riese & Muller’s flagship models and has now expanded into a family of four striking options. It retains its hallmark comfort touring purpose and has been completely redesigned with the Gen 4 Bosch CX drive system. It now also features beautifully integrated Bosch Powertube batteries and some stunning bespoke detailing and upgrade options. Another Gold Award Winner at Eurobike this year for Riese & Muller. 

The video below gives an overview of the main changes. The new models are:

  • the more road-oriented models: the Delite GT (with 500Wh battery) and Superdelite GT (1,000Wh); and
  • the performance mountain-biking / rougher terrain models: the Delite Mountain (500Wh) and Superdelite Mountain (1,000Wh). One of the only brands in the world that offer a performance mountain bike with a Rohloff gearing / belt drive combination. 

The Supercharger: When it was first released this ebike showed the world how well a dual powertube ebike could ride. The Supercharger has been redesigned to accommodate the smaller Gen 4 Bosch CX drive system and now adopts many of the touring design elements of the Delite. It is now sportier, more playful, more streamlined and better to ride than ever. 

Riese & Muller Supercharger 2020 electric bike

The Load cargo ebikes: these are unique 200kg capacity cargo bikes that are front loaders which have dual suspension and dual battery ability.

The 2020 Load family – the Riese & Muller Load 60 and Riese & Muller Load 75 – has been completely overhauled to accommodate the Bosch Cargo Line drive system and to enable Rohloff gearing with Gates carbon belt drive to be added.

Additional safety features have been included and the accessory options are now more flexible allowing the bike to switch easily between being a cargo hauler and a child carrier. Riese & Muller Load 60 ebike with Bosch cargo line motor

Expansion of the Charger series

The very popular Charger and Charger Mixte series have been expanded to offer six models each, depending on your motor and gearing preference.

The new 'Silent' models features Bosch's new Performance Line Gen 3 motor and the Enviolo gearing / Gates carbon belt drive combination for a quieter, lighter and still-powerful multi-purpose e-bike.

Riese & Muller Charger and Charger Mixte series - with new Bosch notors

More Rohloff E-14 gearing with belt drives

Riese & Muller have expanded their offering of ebikes that can accommodate the high performing Rohloff gearing and Gates carbon belt drive combination.

For the first time, the Load 60 and Load 75, the Multicharger and the Multicharger Mixte are being offered with this configuration.

Riese & Muller Load cargo ebikes with Rohloff gearing and carbon belt drive

An Overhaul of the Cargo Accessories 

Most models have had accessory tweaks however Riese & Muller has overhauled the accessory ranges offered with their front loader cargo ebike - the Load and Packster family. They have also added more safety features such as brake lights and 5-point child harnesses and a comfort kit.

The Multicharger / Multicharger Mixte now also has new child carrying accessories, allowing this to be a more flexible bike for a growing family and changing family needs over time.

As car replacements, which many of these bikes are, these cargo ebike can now easily flip between being for cargo and for child carrying.

Riese & Muller Packster 40 cargo electric bike

Range naming convention 

To make it easier to understand their range, Riese & Muller have restructured their range naming convention. This year they follow some simpler naming principles which represent the underpinning technology.

There are 22 ‘series’ of bikes in the Riese & Muller range this year with each ‘series’ having between 2-6 standard model options + optional upgrades. Over 60 bikes to choose from so an extensive range! 

With the easy-to-understand logic to the naming of the various models you can understand the basic technology underpinning it. Here are the main ones you will see:

If this is in the model name….

… it means it has this technology


Derailleur gearing usually with Shimano Deore 10-speed or 11-speed gears


Internal hub gearing using the Enviolo gearing system and with Gates carbon belt drive


Internal electronic gearing using the Rohloff E-14 system and with Gates carbon belt drive


It has wider profile comfort tires, suitable for some offroad use


It comes standard with 1,000Wh battery capacity


Gen 3 Bosch Performance Line motor


Lower crossbar frame [see Multicharger image below]


  • ‘Nevo GT Vario’ is the Nevo series, with wide-profile comfort tires and internal hub enviolo gearing and carbon belt drive 

  • ‘Multicharger Mixte GT Rohloff’ is the Multicharger series with Mixte frame, wide-profile comfort tires and Rohloff gearing with carbon belt drive

Riese & Muller Multicharger Mixte cargo ebike

How Can I Get One? 

Electric Bikes Brisbane has an extensive range of Riese & Muller ebikes in stock to purchase and some of our 2020 ebikes have started to arrive. If we don't have exact bike that you want then Riese & Muller also offer an efficient custom-order process. 

Try One - Private Test Ride Experience

Booking a private test ride experience is a great way to try them out. Enjoy our friendly hospitality and take advantage of our knowledge and expertise to help you choose and fit the most suitable bike for you.

If you want to make sure we have the one you want then feel free to contact us or call us on 1300 553 110 first. 

See the full Riese & Muller E-Bike Range

Go to the full range of Riese & Muller electric bikes on offer at Electric Bikes Brisbane.  

Understanding the core Riese & Muller technology platforms will also give you a better appreciation of what model you are looking, and which one(s) might suit you best.