Riese & Muller 2021: What's new this year

Riese & Muller's 2021 ebike range | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Riese & Muller's 2021 range can only be described as extraordinary. It is a beautiful range of ebikes that expands further into the urban category and introduces some clever designs that will set trends across the industry.

What's new? The big ticket items

Every model from 2020 has been updated or changed in some way this year. Here are the broad changes:

  • Riese & Muller continue their transition to the new generation Bosch motors. For 2021 every bike with the exception of the Packster 40 will feature either the Gen 3 Bosch Performance Line motor (65Nm) or the Gen 4 Bosch Performance line CX motor (85Nm). 
  • Nearly every model has the ability to carry a 625Wh battery and most can now carry two batteries to offer 1,125Wh or 1,250Wh capacity.
  • Many models can now be configured with the Bosch Nyon display. 
Riese & Muller Nyon cockpit
  • Introduction of the Enviolo Automatiq gearing, featured on the Swing3 and Packster 70 models.
  • Accessories such as the front carriers are being standardised across the range and Riese & Muller have introduced some handy new additions that make these even more useable. For example, a bag that fits the front carrier, extender chains for the abus shield locks that have a carry bag.

New designs: Breaking new ground in the industry

There are four standouts this year. 

1. The new Riese & Muller Homage

Riese & Muller Homage ebike 2021 | Electric Bikes Brisbane

We were expecting change for this model, anticipating it would be updated to the Gen 4 Bosch CX motor however the whole bike has had an overhaul.

What really stands out though, and is a first for the industry, is the dual battery set up for the stepthrough frame. It has side-by-side positioning of the two powertube 625Wh batteries in the downtube. This provides a whopping 1,250Wh capacity and still keeps the stepthrough area free and clear.

Riese & Muller Homage 2021: dual battery positioning

There are a host of new changes for the Homage this year, making it even more beautiful and with outstanding performance. Read our article on the 2021 Homage for further details. 

2. New cargo model, the Riese & Muller Packster 70

Riese & Muller Packster 70 cargo ebike | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Riese & Muller have replaced the popular Packster 60 and Packster 80 models with this new model. It retains the Packster DNA but introduces technology that makes it even more useable such as: 

  • a front loader cargo platform with powertube batteries positioned underneath the carrier (better weight distribution and therefore handling).
  • the ability to have 1,250Wh capacity with two powertube 625Wh batteries. A first in the cargo category.
  • a new steering system that allows a much tighter turning circle and therefore greater manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

Another cool feature - A cute, fluffy dog as one of your bike models :)

3. The new Riese & Muller Nevo3

Riese & Muller Nevo3 ebike

Another model we were expecting to change for 2021. Now with a new frame that features the Gen 4 Bosch CX motor, the option for a 625Wh battery, or a 1,125Wh battery design that keeps the stepthrough area clear if opting for dual battery.

See our full review of changes and the options and prices this year. A surprise this year is that some prices have reduced. 

4. Urban range: revamped with three new models

Riese & Muller urban ebikes | Electric Bikes Brisbane

Riese & Muller have expanded their urban range for Australia this year and there are three excellent models available. These are all classic and classy bikes with powerful motors, extra range and eye-catching designs. And with a bit of sass and personality! 

  • The Roadster - Sporty and lightweight, completely revamped
  • The Swing3 - Welcome back to Australia for this beautiful classic

Riese & Muller Swing3 ebike |Electric Bikes Brisbane

  • The Cruiser - Classic retro class with some thoughtful detailing

Read our summary of this range including configuration options and pricing in our article on the urban bike revamp.

Model by model: Notable changes

Riese & Muller Homage ebike

Here is an overview of the key changes per model:

Adventure / Leisure Models

Riese & Muller Superdelite ebike
  • Delite and Delite Mountain: A new frame to accommodate either a 500Wh (standard) or 625Wh. Nyon cockpit is a new option. 
  • Homage - see above or the changes in more detail here
  • Supercharger2: a new frame to offer either 1,000Wh (standard) or 1,250Wh capacity plus the Nyon cockpit is now an option.
  • Nevo3 - see above or the changes in more detail here
  • Charger3 and Charger3 Mixte: now able to accommodate a 625Wh battery. It is also possible to configure the Mixte with a second battery which, like the Nevo3, keeps the stepthrough area free and clear. Nyon cockpit is also an option this year. 
Riese & Muller Charger3 Mixte ebike

    Cargo models

    • Load 75 and Load 60 - new frame colours
    • Multicharger / Multicharger Mixte - a new frame to accommodate Gen 4 Bosch CX motor and option for 625Wh battery. Cargo accessories offered in kits vs separately this year and Nyon cockpit now available too. 
    Riese & Muller Multicharger Mixte ebike
    • Packster 70 - as above
    • Tinker - new frame and now powered by Gen 3 Performance Line motor. 

    Urban models

    Key changes and pricing per configuration summarised in this article on the Urban Ebike revamp

    Stock availability and test rides

    Riese & Muller electric bike

    See which models are available in stock or due to arrive on the Riese & Muller section of our website.

    If you want some help working out which model and configuration suits you best, or you wish to test ride or place an order, then don't hesitate to contact us.