SmartMotion ebike used to climb Everest...and other interesting titbits

SmartMotion electric bicycles

We have ranged SmartMotion for nearly three years now and, with the release of the new SmartMotion Sports range we realised that we have never profiled SmartMotion electric bikes in our Brand profile series! 

"Did you know that a SmartMotion electric bike was ridden to the base of Mt Everest?"

We didn't! And we have learned some other really interesting things about SmartMotion and Ian Le Garth, owner of SmartMotion Australia, as well. Enjoy!

Ian, how did you come to be involved in electric bicycles? 

I was ready to leave corporate after a number of successful and stressful exec roles. My business selection criteria was sustainable, environmentally friendly and a product that brought pleasure and reward to peoples lives. A feel-good product.

Why SmartMotion electric bikes?

I chose Smartmotion because the product and the family stem from proven quality and family values of affordability, offering the opportunity to own an ebike to everyone.

The product is comparable with far more expensive bikes and provides reliability and flair at a very affordable price. The SmartMotion drive system is recognised for it’s power and hill climbing ability and offers great value, especially with its large battery offer. It is a product over-engineered for typical use which means the bike has plenty of potential and will last a lifetime.

What is the most memorable use of a SmartMotion ebike?

Smartmotion ebikes (in an earlier model bike butSmartMotion ebikes at Everest Base Camp with the same electric drive system) were used to ride to the base of Mount Everest.

How cool is that?!

Who are SmartMotion ebikes designed for?

Typically, our target market has been the + 35 commuter, or the camping caravan market with the folding bike.

We have upped our image and introduced a great new sport range with ebikes such as the Catalyst and Pacer, with more new bikes to come.   

SmartMotion Catalyst electric bike Electric Bikes Brisbane Milton SmartMotion Pacer electric bike Electric Bikes Brisbane Milton


What excites you about the new ebikes in the SmartMotion range?

The new product is edgy, with plenty of WOW factor and eye catching appeal, with our core engineering strengths. The bikes look great, they ride superbly and market feedback has been extremely positive. Smartmotion electric bikes is entering a new market demographic successfully and this in an excellent step for further development.

SmartMotion Catalyst electric bicycle @ Electric Bikes Brisbane

A favourite customer story?

My favourite Smartmotion stories are about generosity. We donate to the VARIETY BASH in support of the Childrens Hospital. We also support the the Childrens Tumor foundation and Cupids undie run sponsoring bikes to the highest fund raiser in each state.

What is your top tip on how to get the best out of your SmartMotion ebike?

Please buy from an established dealer to ensure you get the best out of your Smartmotion e-bike. They will help you to select a bike that is appropriate for you and make sure it is well built and fits you before you start to ride it. It should be a bike that you will ride and continue to ride for many years to come, that will put a smile on your face. The great thing is, as our products continue to evolve we can always upgrade and make change, and each of our dealers will support and advise you the best model to suit you.

SmartMotion electric bicycles

Electric Bikes Brisbane has ranged Smartmotion electric bikes for nearly three years now. Their ebikes are reliable, well priced and come very well equipped and our customers have always benefitted from the exceptional distributor support that Ian and SmartMotion Australia has provided. 

So this also is a great opportunity to say a sincere thank you, Ian, and I hope that SmartMotion continues to be successful for you for many years to come. 

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