Super-commuter: 22,163km on his Haibike electric bicycle

Haibike electric bicycle for commuting

Iain bought his Haibike e bike from us 2.5 years ago and every time he brings his bike into Electric Bikes Brisbane for a service it astounds us how many kms he does and the great condition of his ebike. At his most recent service his odometer read 22,163km - that's halfway around the world! - so we asked him a few questions on what he uses his ebike for. 

What first got you interested in getting an electric bike? How did you hear about them?

For the whole of my working life in England and for the past nine years, in Australia, I have been lucky enough to be able to travel to work under my own steam. When I moved to Petrie, (35km from my work in Brisbane), I was faced with a real dilemma. I knew my conventional road bike would cut the mustard but I would be so knackered by the time I got to work, that I would be no use to man nor beast; I needed an alternative.

Using the train is a nightmare when you're not used to being surrounded by the phalanx of humanity, coughing and spluttering in every direction; it's not that I'm antisocial or anything.......

Even though it would have been cheaper than the train, the car was never going to be an option.

A scooter was considered for a fleeting moment, 'til I came to my senses.

I really hadn't considered an ebike at all until I saw one in action and had an epiphany as a result; I hired an e bike from 'Electric Bike Brisbane' and my 'fate was sealed'.

Why did you choose the Haibike?

I'm an all-weather cyclist. In England (during the winter and come to think of it, during the summer also) I rode my conventional bike, come sleet or rain. You'll notice I never mentioned sunshine!

After some mega-online research, I chose the Haibike because it evaluated well in all of the reviews I read. Being a European-made machine it appeared to have the robustness that I would require for a daily commute of 70kms. This robustness and build quality was confirmed on inspection. I was certain it could handle the warm, summer showers, doled out in Queensland.

What do you mainly use your ebike for?

I very rarely use the bike at weekends. I bought it purely as a means of travelling to and from work,  a distance of approximately 70kms daily.

22,163 commuting km on Haibike electric bike

What is the best thing about having one?

It has to be the way it smooths out the many hills between Brisbane and home. I love the way the bike rewards your efforts, in that the harder you pedal the more 'oomph' you get in return.

"It's almost a symbiotic relationship."

Any funny remarks or stories you would like to share?

Lot's of comments (unprintable) from drivers that I find amusing.

Any tips or advice for those who are thinking of getting one?

Try a few out.

Check out the weight. There'll come a time when you have to lift it.

The ebike I hired was hub driven and was heavy and cumbersome. My Haibike, in a lot of respects, looks and feels like a conventional bike and is very robust and manoeuvrable - much higher quality.

I would recommend that if you are in the market for an ebike, buy one that enables you to fix punctures without the need to take the bike to a professional.

If you intend to ride long distances or for extended times periods, as I do, invest in decent tyres.

"I consider my ebike is a real investment."

So I try to look after this investment by ensuring it is serviced regularly. Bear in mind that servicing is also a tad more expensive than with a conventional bike as it's a more complex machine, and should be carried out more often than what most cyclists are probably used to.

Thanks Iain - what a great example to show that you do have an option for a healthier, active commute even if you live a bit further out of town. See you at your next service!

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