Trek and Electra: Two icons join Electric Bikes Brisbane

October 01, 2019

Trek and Electra: Two icons join Electric Bikes Brisbane

We love great bikes. That’s no secret. And when it comes to e-bikes that we are proud to offer and support then Trek and Electra fit right in. For us, it’s more than just about the bikes. It’s also the people we deal with.

We talk to Cameron Sanders from Trek on how he came to be working in the bike industry (a great ‘follow your dreams’ story), his impressions of how e-bikes are doing and what you, as a customer, can expect of Trek and Electra (which is owned by Trek).

Plus, there is a great October promo to get you riding for summer (links below). 

EBB: Hi Cam, how did you come to be involved in the bike industry, working for Trek? Why the bike industry?

Cam: I was on 12 months leave after having a stroke at the age of 39. I was overseas with my family and a friend called me to ask if I would be interested in applying for a role. He described the opportunity and I applied online that day and I was incredibly fortunate to be successful in getting the role.

Why the bike Industry? Well its simple - I love bikes....after years of hearing my mum and dad say you have to love what you do. I found cycling later in life and fell for it. I can happily say I am a tragic for it.

Bikes are a simple solution to some very complex problems.

I do believe that the world faces a number of huge challenges. Bikes are a simple solution to some very complex problems. The positive impact, physical/mental health benefits, impact on the environment, social and economical benefits are only increasing.

It's nice to play a role sharing those benefits and work with some great retailers and consumers in the process.

EBB: What’s your impression on how ebikes are impacting our communities? 

Cam: E Bikes are fantastic. I am fortunate to see first hand how they are bringing more people to or back to bike riding and all the benefits that brings. E Bikes opens those benefits to more people who may have been reluctant to try riding again, even if they emotionally wanted to. 

 Trek and Electra: Two icons join Electric Bikes Brisbane

EBB: Can you share your 'first hand' story? 

Cam: I have a brilliant mate, Will, who I have raced with and trained for Triathlon/Road racing for over a decade. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

Surgery and treatment robbed him of his love of cycling and it was affecting him emotionally. He missed the camaraderie of rides, the laughs over coffee and in a time when he was struggling he needed that escape.

I spoke to my boss and organised a bike to be loaned to Will - an Electra Café Moto E Bike. It was perfect. Will could sit comfortably on the comfy saddle and cruise from his home to the coffee shop and meet the lads after our rides, and he could cruise to the beach and watch the waves roll in on Burleigh Point.

This assisted his recovery and I am pleased to say he is now back on his road bike, smiling and recovering!

Trek and Electra: Two icons join Electric Bikes Brisbane

EBB: Any favourites in the Trek and Electra range? Why?

Cam: For Trek, it's the Madone SL7, a super-aero fast road bike which I love riding fast!

For Electra, it's the Café Moto E Bike. I love this bike. I like the way it looks and I love the way it rides. It makes me smile. 

EBB: Your top tip for someone looking to buy an electric bike?

Cam: Try it! Go to a store with knowledgeable staff. Ask questions and really think about what you want the bike to do for you - test ride bikes and give it a go. 

EBB: What can customers expect if they buy from the Trek or Electra range?

Cam: Trek and Electra offer a lifetime warranty on their frames. We love bikes and hope our customers do as well. If something goes wrong - we want to sort it and give our customers the best hospitality we can. 

Thanks for taking the time to let us get to know you and the Trek and Electra brand a bit better, Cam! 

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