Bosch eBike Dual Battery Riese Und Muller

What’s Coming for Bosch eBikes in 2017 - Sneak Preview

We take a look at some of the new technology and improvements for Bosch electric bikes for 2017.

As always, Bosch continue to make changes to secure their place as market leaders.

2016 saw some of the most radical changes that Bosch eBikes have made in a while with the introduction of the high-performance Bosch Performance CX motor that features on many of our eMTBs this year, and also with the introduction of the high capacity 500Wh Bosch eBike battery.

For 2017 we were expecting less radical changes – more focussed on finer improvements, integration and useability and it seems that that is the case.

Here is a sneak preview of the changes that are coming:

Bosch eBike Purion Display – Compact All-in-one

The new Bosch Purion display merges the currently separate display and control panel into one device, which will be located near your hands versus the centre. It is a bit back to the future, resembling the original Bosch Classic display, and simplifies and neatens the handlebars controls compared to the current Bosch eBike controls.

It will still contain the controls and information that customers really appreciate, odometers, battery levels, the five levels of power and range estimates in particular, and now also contains functionality to remind you when the bike is due for a service. 

A handy backlight function ensures that the display is easy to read day and night and specialist Bosch ebike dealers will have easier access to the diagnostics through the Purion display.

Having the Bosch Purion display will be especially handy for those riders who like to mount other things on their handlebars - phones, Garmins, baskets. The placement near your hands frees up the handlebars to be able to do that. 

Watch this space to see which manufacturers opt to go with Bosch Purion display or stick with the Bosch Intuvia. 

Bosch eBike Dual Battery system – up to 1000Wh with ‘DualBat’

Bosch are introducing a new dual battery system in 2017 that will enable riders to double their range with the option to combine two frame or frame / rack batteries on the Bosch electric bike.

The new Bosch DualBattery will be available for the Bosch Performance CX, Bosch Performance and Bosch Active Line systems and is aimed at the tourers, long distance commuters and cargo bikers. You will be able to choose your battery combination – 300Wh, 400Wh and/or 500Wh up to a maximum capacity of 1,000Wh (2 x 500Wh).

This system will be available to OEM manufacturers so expect to see it appearing in the 2017 range for brands like Riese Und Muller.

At this stage we are unsure if we will be able to retrofit current Bosch eBikes to the DualBattery system as frame modifications and special wiring will be required. Chances are there may be the option of adding a rear rack mounted battery? We will investigate!

Bosch eBike Compact Charger – 40% smaller

Also new for 2017 is the Bosch compact eBike charger which weighs less than 600grams (25% less than the standard charger) and is 40% smaller than the Standard charger. This is designed for eBikers who travel and charge frequently or who want to carry less bulk with them. So, longer distance riders and mountain bikers in particular may be interested in this.

The new Bosch eBike charger will be compatible with both the 2015 and 2016 Bosch Active & Performance eBike systems and batteries, and if you have the Bosch Classic system then an adaptor can be provided so it is compatible.

The downside to the 2017 Bosch compact charger though is that it will take longer to charge your battery. For example a Standard charger will charge 500Wh battery in approx 3.5 hours vs 6.5hrs with the Compact charger.

So when can we expect to see these coming into Australia?

Eurobike 2016, held in September, showcased prototypes of these new products in either the displays for brands intending to use them or at the Bosch display. We expect that they will start to appear in bike stores in Australia sometime between April and June.

All in all though it is not a huge change for fans of Bosch electric bikes for 2017. We love that the Purion display is designed to make riding a Bosch eBike more ergonomic and functional for the every day rider (and let’s face it they are really good already!). The compact charger and dual battery system are a bit more specialist though so it will be ebike business as usual for most.