5 handy tips to keep you safe on your ebike

One of the positive impacts coming out of the past year or so is that many people have reconnected with cycling. Be it an ebike or standard bike there are more people now than ever out and about on bicycles for a healthy, fun way to get around and explore.

Putting a smile on your face is what its all about. Here are five (5) handy tips to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable ride each time you go out on your electric bike.

1. Plan Your Journey Wisely

Electric bike riding with Electric Bikes Brisbane

Whether you are planning on using your electric bike to commute to work or you’re just riding for fun, spending a few minutes planning your ride before you start can make a big difference to the enjoyment and safety of your ride. 

Avoid riding on busy roads wherever you can. A few minutes on Google maps or one of the many available cycling navs sites will show you how to link up back roads and side streets.  Who cares about hills when you have an ebike and riding along Kingsford-Smith bikeway is much more pleasant and safer than mixing it up with the traffic on Kingsford-Smith drive!

Also, being aware of the road rules for bicycles as it will help to plan your trip to know where you can and cannot ride eg. Did you know that you can ride on the footpath in many places in Brisbane?

2. Be Seen

Integrated lights on a Riese & Muller electric bike 

Anything you can do to make yourself more visible to other cyclists and road users can only help. Brightly coloured and high-visibility clothing are great for the daytime.

A good set of lights is an absolute must for riding at dusk, dawn and at night. Most of our electric bikes come with built-in high lumen (very bright) lights front and rear. Many of our models also feature a reflective coating on the tire wall, which are amazingly effective at making you visible at night, especially from the side.

3. Be Heard

Electra cool cat bell

As an electric bike rider you’ll probably find yourself overtaking traditional cyclists a lot. Especially going up hills. All of our bikes are almost silent in their operation so people won’t hear you coming.

It’s common sense to use you bell well in advance to let them know you’re there. We always like to add a polite “passing on the right” and a “thank you” as we cruise past too. Its often more effective using your voice to be heard than a bell.

Look out for earphone cables dangling from the ears of the rider or pedestrian ahead as they might not be able to hear you. If that’s the case, maybe shout a bit louder and give them an extra wide berth. We tend to err on the side of caution while riding, especially with motorists and gadget-happy pedestrians. 

4. Keep Your Electric Bike in Tip-Top Condition

    E-Bike Pre-Ride Safety Checks

    A well maintained quality electric bike will provide you with thousands of trouble free kilometres. Getting your bike regularly serviced will make sure that the gears, motor, battery, brakes and tires are all in good working order.

    However it’s a good idea to perform your own checks every time you ride. If in a hurry do the ABBC and as a matter of course do an M check at least once a month. Find out more with the articles below:

    5. Wear the Right Clothing

      Riese & Muller Multicharger ebike

      One of the great things about an electric bike is that you don’t have to dress up like someone riding the Tour de France. However you still need to make sure you are going to be comfortable and safe (as well as looking cool).

      Helmets are mandatory in Queensland so thats a non-negotiable. Having a helmet that fits correctly is a good idea. 

      It’s not a good idea to ride in high heels. Flat (or flattish) and ideally non-slip soles are best so you don't keep slipping off the pedals. It’s also best to avoid any clothing that dangles or could catch in a wheel. Doctor Who style scarfs and your expensive wide-flared trousers for your dinner date are a definite no-no. Apart from hurting like mad if something catches in your wheel and causes a fall, you'll ruin your outfit!

      Most of these, if not all, are common sense and won’t be new to most of you. In our busy lives though it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves of the basics now and again.

      Improving Bike Skills 

      Cycling Brisbane run numerous workshops such as bike skills, bike maintenance and group rides. If you want some extra help have a look at the Cycling Brisbane event calendar.

      If you have bought your ebike from us then come along on our EBB Owners Club rides. Its a great chance to meet and and learn from other like-minded and more experienced riders. 

      If you need to get your ebike back into tip-top condition you can book your ebike in for a service here. 

      If you think we’ve missed anything or you’ve got any hidden gems or advice we’d love to hear from you.

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