Congratulations on your new e-bike – Things you need to know

September 29, 2019


Congratulations on your new e-bike!  It’s a purchase that many of our customers consider to be the best thing that they have bought and hopefully you have had a chance to take it for a few rides by now.

There is a lot of new information to take in during the purchase and handover process. In case it was information overload, here are our key pointers and need-to-knows for happy e-bike ownership. 

Quick Guides: EBike Maintenance and Safe Riding

Electric maintenance and safety tips Electric Bikes Brisbane

Some e-bikes are lower maintenance than others but they all need maintaining and looking after. You’ve just made a great investment so here are our key tips for looking after it and for happy and safe riding: 

Service intervals and how to book in

Electric Bikes Brisbane service centre

Service intervals

Service intervals vary depending on usage and bike however your ebike should be professionally serviced at least every 8-12 months. This is to keep it in good running order and also to preserve your warranty if required by some manufacturers (see your manual).

We recommend an initial service after purchase though within 4-6 months or at around 500km, whichever is sooner. This will tighten up the things that loosen naturally as they wear in. If you are experiencing issues of any kind in those early days when you first start using your bike then we offer a free post sale adjustment to address this early. 

Service centre bookings

Servicing and repair work is by appointment only. Please book your ebike service or repair through our online booking tool.

Customer appointments and repair and warranty work is scheduled in our service centre. If you drop in without an appointment – even for quick adjustments - please understand that you may be asked to leave your bike with us until we have availability. We will assist if we can however scheduled appointments take priority.

Service centre open hours

Our service centre is open Monday - Friday, 9.30am - 6pm.

It is not open on weekends however you are welcome to drop your bike off on Saturdays for work that is scheduled the following week.

User Manuals and Registering Your Warranty

Most user manuals are available online now and many brands also provide a printed manual with your bike. Some brands offer extended warranties or ask that you register your electric bike for warranty purposes. Please follow the instructions provided in your manuals or refer to the website of the manufacturer of your ebike. 

Each manufacturer has their own warranty policy and details are provided in your manuals. Here is a summary of the common warranty inclusions and exclusions, and the process to claim should you ever need to. 

EBB Owners Club: EBike Rides and Events 

Electric Bikes Brisbane Owners Club Rides

Buying an electric bike from Electric Bikes Brisbane automatically qualifies you to be a member of our EBB Owners Club. As well as discounted service rates and priority service bookings, we also host exclusive EBB Owners Club rides and events.

Events are published on the Events page on our Electric Bikes Brisbane Facebook page so keep an eye out if you are interested in joining in.

If there's a ride you want to participate in just follow the links to register so we know to expect you :) These are casual, fun rides and it's always great to have new riders join in. 

Congratulations on your new e-bike, thank you for buying from Electric Bikes Brisbane and we wish you many happy and safe hours of riding. 


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