Haibike 2016 Electric Bike Range

Haibike 2016 Electric Bike Range

The World's Best Ebikes Just Got Better.

Haibike have been paving the way for electric mountain and urban ebikes since they released their first model in 2010. They are the brand that shaped a completely new genre and a new sport: ePerformance biking, and their constant innovation and improvement of their electric bikes has kept them streets ahead of the pack. 

The first brand to integrate the mid-drive Bosch motor system into a performance mountain ebike, they have also successfully tackled design challenges such as suspension, gearing and bottom bracket clearance through their own proprietary innovations such as the XDURO suspension and the Haibike Sprocket Equalising System (S.E.S). Their commitment to performance, durability and rider enjoyment is what has created such a big and loyal following in Europe.  

The 2016 Haibike xDuro³ electric bike range redefines electric bike performance yet again, upping the ante on the legendary xDuro range with a host of new features and the superb engineering and manufacturing quality that they are so well known for. 

Here's what's new:

Most models have the new Bosch Performance CX electric drive system

The Bosch Performance CX motor is Bosch’s newest model, and has just been released for 2016. See our article here for more information on what's new for 2016 for Bosch electric bikes but in summary it means increased torques, increased assistance and a smaller therefore lighter motor. This motor powers all of the electric mountain bikes and hybrid e-bikes in the 2016 Haibike range. 

It's the integration of the new motor that sets Haibike apart from other brands. They have developed a whole new interface and their engineering approach make it more part of the ebike than ever. And what's great too is that they have kept the features that set their electric bikes apart and make them such a joy to ride. For example - the sprocket equalising system to reduce chain slap (on the full suspension electric mountain bikes) and the rotated motor positioning providing more ground clearance.

New Step-In Battery System

Haibike have developed a unique design for the fitting of the Bosch battery on the xDuro³ range, called the Step-In Battery system, which gives it an even closer fit and integration with the frame. With the Step-In Battery system the battery slots straight into the locking mechanism and holder within the frame, versus the lock-in mechanism on most Bosch frame batteries that are more of an add-on.

New Interface

Haibike has developed a new interface for the new Bosch Performance CX drive system to mount it in a different way. The interface for the 2016 Haibike xDuro³ ebikes with the Bosch Performance CX motor reduces weight and optimises fit so there is better ground clearance and it sits perfectly in place with minimal flex.

New Motor Protection

Haibike have always offered some sort of Bosch motor protection with their gravity encasing system and, for the Haibike xDuro³  range, there is a brand new skid plate to match the new Bosch CX drive and interface mounting.

New Decals and Frame Colours

If you thought the 2015 Haibikes looked awesome then the 2016 Haibike xDuro³ takes it to a whole new level. Each model has had a makeover with a host of either vibrant and stealth matte frames on offer.

The innovations in the 2016 Haibike electric bike range put Haibike head and shoulders in front of their competitors. They have focussed on what their riders want, and have delivered a superb range of electric bikes, yet again.

When can you get one?

We have started taking orders for 2016 Haibike range. You can order now (first come first served) by placing a $500 deposit with the ebikes starting to arrive at around Easter 2016.

View the full Haibike 2016 range.