Our Riese & Muller Load 60 cargo e bike is our second car

Our Riese & Muller Load 60 cargo e bike is our second car

Avid cyclist Andrew and his wife made a liveability choice when they purchased their Riese & Muller Load 60 cargo electric bike instead of a second family car. The school run on the way to work, shopping trips, handy errands and even a place to cut bunny's nails - it gets used for everything!

EBB: Congrats on your R&M Load 60. How’s it working out for you after a few months?

AB: The Bike is going great. After having test ridden and owned several different models of extended wheel base cargo bikes I can say that I do really enjoy the Load 60.

My wife and I made the purchase instead of getting a second car. 

My wife and I made the purchase instead of getting a second car. For us, the price tag is comparable to a mid-level compact car so we made the decision to get the Load 60.

It has been great. My daughter loves going to school in the bike, and we can easily get the week’s shopping in it.

EBB: What do you mainly use it for?

Our Riese & Muller Load 60 cargo e bike is our second car

What don’t we use it for?!

School run, trips to the shops, even have used the cargo area as a smaller place to put our family bunny to make it easier to cut its nails!

Why electric? 

It’s a liveability issue. We are a young family, and avid cyclists (both my wife and I have raced competitively for years).

That being said, having an eBike just makes living with the bike easier.

Being cargo the bike weighs a bit more than a standard bike and we are usually riding with a kid or cargo in the cargo area. Plus we live in a very hilly area. That's why electric is great.

Also there are a bunch of great safety features which can be run off the eBike system. Working brake lights, a horn, more powerful and visible lights front and rear. Also the quicker launch makes it easier for the times we do have to ride on a street.

If it was not electric, getting it going would require a bit more energy input from the rider, and traffic would be trying to get around you, which is not always that safe. Being able to go with the speed of traffic through an intersection I think is an overlooked safety feature. 

Why Riese & Muller and the Load 60?

Our Riese & Muller Load 60 cargo e bike is our second car

The Load 60 has by far the best build for an electric cargo bike. Full suspension, and support braces to make the cargo area stronger and more secure it was a no brainer.

Additionally the Bosch eBike system lends itself to many different accessories. I am really liking the horn, powerful headlight, and working brake lights that we have set up.

What is the best reaction to it that you have had?

Everyone wants to take it for a spin. I even got pulled up by a local policeman who was interested in taking it for a ride!

Would you recommend this style of cargo Ebike to other families? Why?

Our Riese & Muller Load 60 cargo e bike is our second car

100%. It’s a great way to get around, and we do not have to wait in traffic, or line at school drop off or pickup. Very easily we get an extra 30 minutes a day from not waiting in line. Our 5 year old fits in no problem, and she loves it. She loves riding around in it.

We get an extra 30mins a day from not waiting in line at the school drop off

We got the 2019 model and Riese & Muller have made it even easier for carrying people with the 2020 model and the new footwell in the cargo area. With our model her feet have to go out in front.

What is your #1 ride tip?

The bike rides so much better with weight in the front. It’s what it was designed for.

And your #1 maintenance tip?

Check the chain. As the chain stretches, it causes extra wear to the cassette (gear cluster on rear of bike) and the chainring (smaller gear at the crank are, or closest to pedals). If left alone, the chain will stretch out, and wear down the gears much quicker. If you replace the chain sooner, you can use several chains on the same cassette and chain ring. While new chains are extra, It will save you money in the long run.

About the Riese & Muller Load 60 Cargo electric bike

Our Riese & Muller Load 60 cargo e bike is our second car

The Riese & Muller Load 60 ebike is a front loader cargo electric bike that is unique in many ways. It has dual suspension for exceptional comfort and control; it is powered by the new Gen 4 Bosch CX motor and has a 60cm cargo area that can carry up to 200kg. It is renowned for riding as easily as a normal bike and is also the only cargo ebike on the market that can be configured with a carbon belt drive and either continuous Enviolo or electronic Rohloff internal gearing. 

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Thank you Andrew for sharing your story and showing that the choice of getting an electric bike instead of a car works, in so many ways.

Thank you Andrew. 

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