EBB Open Day 2020

We have some incredible new electric bikes that have just arrived. This year we have seen some excellent new design and technology and you can see it all under one roof here at Electric Bikes Brisbane. There are brand new ebike models featuring the Gen 3 and Gen 4 Bosch motors, new bespoke motors, Bosch smartphone hub and Bosch Kiox displays, 625Wh and even larger batteries in beautifully designed frames.

This year you also get more bank for your buck - excellent entry and mid-level ebikes with mid-drive or strong smooth hub motors, larger batteries and better specifications at the same or better price. Plus some phenomenal prestige electric bikes that will make you drool and wonder at the clever and thoughtful design and engineering. These are the electric bikes that are redefining transport and touring for the future and are setting the benchmark for new models to come. See what has just arrived or is back in stock below and if you are interested in seeing what is on sale see our Electric Bikes Specials page>>