3 ways to win with your electric bike

Electric Bike Saving Money

An electric bike is a great way to ditch the second car to free up some cash, get fitter and continue to save 66c every kilometre you ride.

A while ago we compared the runnings costs of an electric bike vs a typical medium size hatch back.

I just checked the latest numbers from RACQ and the running cost for a basic medium car has now risen to 78c per kilometre, and if you're driving an SUV it rises to 115c.

It got me thinking what it would be worth to the average family if they ditched the second car and swapped it for an ebike?

The same RACQ website valued a 3 year old Mazda 3 (One of Australia's best selling cars) at around $15,000. So if you did ditch that second car, and treated yourself to a Gazelle Electric Bike (Australia's #1 ebike brand) not only would you have a healthy one off cash lump sum, you would also save $66/week based on a 10km commute.

The only thing you've got to lose is some of the kilos that may have crept on over winter. 1 kg a week sounds about right!