Electric Bikes Brisbane welcomes Dyson Bikes

Electric Bikes Brisbane welcomes Dyson Bikes to their range

Looking for an electric bike that is fun, functional and just a little bit different? Electric Bikes Brisbane is pleased to welcome Dyson Bikes to our range.

Like Choice Magazine (who rated Dyson Bikes as the ‘Best Value Standard e-bike’) we also think the Dyson electric bike range offers superb value for money. The care and enthusiasm that owners, Naomi and David Metzke, have for ebikes really shines through with some great design features.

We chat to Naomi to find out a bit more about Dyson electric bikes...

EBB: Naomi, how did you come to be involved in electric bikes? 

ND: Both Dave and I saw a lot of e-bikes throughout Europe and Asia when we travelled (back in our younger days!) Dave had worked within several car brands of General Motors for almost 10 years and I had various marketing roles both here and in Germany - we were thinking that it would be great to have our own business – to do something that would not only help our lifestyle, but also others.

EBB: What is the story behind your brand name - why 'Dyson' Bikes?

ND: My surname is Dyson – Dave’s is Metzke. When we were trying to think of unique brand names for an ebike range our friends suggested using our own name as it shows how proud we are of our product …so we did! And we went with my surname as no-one EVER remembers Metzke or how to spell it. 

EBB: Describe a typical Dyson electric bike customer - who are your ebikes designed for? 

ND: When we first started (3 years ago) our electric bikes were mostly folding models and really hit a niche with older couples doing the ‘grey nomad’ thing. But now, they’ve really evolved – and so has the marketplace – so now our bike owners are really more like 40 and up – everyone from parents wanting to keep up with their kids to older just wanting to maintain some fitness and get out more.

EBB: What is your favourite e-bike and why? And David's? 

ND: My favourite bike is the Bondi– I love the upright design and that even without the power on, it is a bike that is easy to ride. And it gets me out riding with my 2 kids more  :)

For Dave his latest favourite is the Thredbo Fatbike . He finds it a really fun ebike to ride around town as well as out on some bush trails.

EBB: Can you share a favourite customer story with us? 

ND: We really love hearing from our customers and there are 2 stories that really stand out for me. The first is a recently retired couple (who are actually parents of an Olympic cyclist!) who bought one of our Hard Tails for the wife so she could keep up (and go further) with her husband while riding rail trails in country Victoria…4 weeks later they bought ANOTHER Hard Tail for the husband as he could no longer keep up with her!

Another is a guy who had recently made a full recovery from Leukaemia and wanted to get back to being active again. He took the electric bike home on a Friday and his son took it out for a ride – not returning for 6 hours as he was on an ‘epic’ ride… that made us laugh!

EBB: What is the most memorable uses of one of your electric bikes?

ND: One of our earlier customers first came across as a meek and shy ‘little old lady’ – turns out she’s quite the opposite! She is an IT master and an absolute demon on her e-bike, commuting about 50km a day and just LOVES to pass the lycra clad crew.

EBB: What is your top tip on how to get the best out your Dyson Bike?

ND: Sit back and let the bike do all the work :)

You can see the range of Dyson Bikes at Electric Bikes Brisbane. Call us on 1300 553 110 or drop in to our showroom at 26 Douglas St, Milton to try one.  

Electric Bikes Brisbane welcomes Dyson Bikes - Naomi Dyson having a blastElectric Bikes Brisbane welcomes Dyson Bikes - David Metzke enjoys the Dyson Hard Tail