Tern GSD Cargo EBike: Try for a Week for Free

October 04, 2020

#GSDWeek trial - Try an electric cargo bike

Thinking about ditching the car for a cargo ebike? Tern Bicycles are offering a free trial of the famous Tern GSD for a week for you to try for yourself. It's a great way to prove to yourself why a cargo ebike is the way to go. Find out more below about the #GSDWeek promo.

What is a Tern GSD?

Tern GSD with two child seats | Electric Bikes Brisbane

The Tern GSD is an award-winning compact long-tail cargo ebike that can carry up to 200kg. It is renowned for its easy handling thanks to a platform based on 20" wheels and excellent engineering. It also has a strong Bosch mid-drive motor that assists you with the extra weight you will be carrying.

Our customers regularly carry two children as well as extra luggage on them. There is an excellent range of Tern accessories available to create your own ideal set-up though and we also have customers carrying their spouses / friends, their dogs as well as using it for all their shopping and local errands. 

Tern GSD cargo ebike | Electric Bikes Brisbane


You can find out more about the Tern GSD here>>

About the #GSDWeek trial

The Tern GSD trial, called #GSDWeek, is intended to give those who are considering 'going e-cargo' a chance to try the GSD on your home turf so you can see whether or not it will work for you. 

The Tern GSD is available from Electric Bikes Brisbane and it has been fully accessorised with so its as practical and useful as possible. We can tailor it for you too if need be. Your trial runs for one week and it is free, with some minor conditions. 

Terms and Conditions:

  • Our normal hire terms and conditions apply whereby you pay a bond upfront upon collection of the bike. This is refunded in full upon return assuming the bike and accessories is returned in the same condition, and on the agreed return date. 
  • You promote your experience through Facebook / Instagram posts and allow us to write a promotional story or do a video on your trial.
  • Additional accessories can be hired if needed. Also a helmet(s) if required. 
  • Participation in the trial is at the discretion of Electric Bikes Brisbane and trial dates are agreed in advance. 
  • Trial period is for one week. There are no hire fees payable, with the exception of additional accessories (mentioned above) if you wish to customise the bike.  If significant, there may be service centre charges to install your customised setup. 

Please contact us via our online enquiry form, phone or chat if you wish to be part of #GSDWeek. 

Nicola's #GSDWeek Story 

Andrew's #GSDWeek Story

Andrew took advantage of the 'Try a GSD for a week for free' trial to see how it could be used in family life with his wife, an infrequent cyclist, and their two kids. Here's what he has to say about how it went. Read more >>

Andrew's #GSDWeek story | Electric Bikes Brisbane

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