Dyson Electric Bikes - New E-Bikes and Upgrades

Dyson Thredbo Fat eBike

One of Australia's favourite entry-level brands, Dyson Bikes, expands their popular folding ebike range and introduces some neat new upgrades to perennial favourites to offer the best value electric bikes under $2,500. 

Australia's best value electric bikes under $2,500 

What we love about Dyson Bikes is that they listen to their customers. This is evident with their latest range of e-bikes.

Says David Metzke, co-founder Dyson Bikes "It is always a balance when building a bike. The easiest thing to do is make the best bike in the world, but the best bike at a reasonable price is the real challenge.

Our bikes are sold only in Australia and designed to suit us here in Oz. In particular the way we program the controller software is unique allowing for very low levels of assist in levels 1 and 2 as we have found most of our buyers want to ride for fitness and don’t want the bike doing all the work for them. On the flip side level 5-6 give you the maximum allowable power for time you need to move fast!"

A perfect segue to the new models and product updates...

New Models - Expanding the Dyson Folding EBike Range

20-inch Folding E-Bike : RRP $1,899

Dyson 20-inch adventure folding e-bike

A first in Australia? We think this might be the only folding ebike available with a fully integrated battery. You are hard pressed to tell this is electric and this feature offers great balance and protects your battery. The 20-inch adventure folding is designed to be simple and light weight while retaining a high quality riding experience.

  • 250Watt rear hub motor
  • 11.6AH battery, removable if required
  • Schwalbe Big Ben balloon tyres
  • Folding Pedals
  • Adjustable handlebar height
  • Light weight – just 20.2kgs inc. battery and pedals
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      24-inch Folding E-Bike : RRP $1,999

      Dyson 24-inch Adventure Folding E-Bike

      A smaller-wheeled version of the very popular 26-inch folding ebike and perfect for smaller riders or those looking for a slightly more compact ebike.  

      The 24-inch folding e-bike has the same features as the 26-inch model, which has a number of changes. Key upgrades include: 

      • Larger 11.6AH, (420 Watt Hour) Battery
      • Riser stem for a more upright riding position
      • Bell integrated into the left hand brake lever
      • Tyres on 26-inch model have puncture resistance
      • Fabric cageless water bottle mounts on frame
      • VP-F55 folding pedals
      • Alex DP21 rims, (was DP20)

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        Dyson Bikes Product Updates

        Dyson Hard Tail Evo E-Bike : $2,199 (11Ah)/ $2,399 (15Ah)

        Dyson Hard Tail Evo E-Bike

        The Dyson Hard Tail Evo E-Bike is Dyson's flagship model. It now features stronger wheels (Weimann alloys) with angled spoke holes fitted with Sapim 13G spokes. This reduces the chance of breakage particularly if you like putting it through its paces.

        A new 11-34T cassette (previously 11-32T) provides a better spread of gears which is better for hill climbing. 

        An added benefit for road and offroad lovers alike is that the tubes also now come pre-filled with ‘Slime’ to reduce the chance of flat tyres.

        Finally, Dyson has tweaked the software to reduce the assist in level 1 to around 30 watts (previously 70watts) to cater to feedback from customers that they prefer less power in the low levels so they can ride harder themselves.

        See the full specifications here >>

        Dyson Tilba Vintage Electric Bike : $1,999 (11Ah) / $2,199 (15Ah)

        Dyson Tilba Vintage Stepthrough Electric Bicycle

        The popular Dyson Tilba E-Bike is back in stock in both Cherry Red and Aqua. There are a couple of minor changes to this model including: 

        • the chain stays are longer by 20mm

        • the seat post back has been laid back slightly to 70 degrees to better suit taller riders

        • the front chain ring is a couple of teeth taller at 44T for a more casual cadence at speed.

        Accessories for Comfort and Convenience

        Bottles for the Cageless Bottle Mounts : $29.90

        Fabric cageless bottle mounts are now standard fit on all Dyson Bikes models. Take advantage of this convenient system and get the water bottle to go with it. Each bottle comes with an additional 2 studs so you can mount it on a second bike too if you want.

        Dyson Bikes Cageless Water Bottles  


        Sartori Harmony Suspension Seatpost : $59.90

        A great upgrade option if you want to add extra comfort from those lumps and bumps and rougher roads.  

        Satori Harmony LT2 suspension seat posts are available in 350mm by 27.2mm (for the Tilba and Bondi models) or 30.9mm (for the Hard Tail Evo, Mixte and Thredbo models).

        Sartori Harmony Suspension Seatpost  

        Other Dyson Accessories  

        • Satori Noirette swept, riser comfort handle ($59.90) - a great option for the HardTail Mixte for riders looking for a more relaxed riding position 
        • Folding pedals ($24.90) - a standard fit on the folding ebikes but also available for the the models

        Solar and Car Chargers for Riders On The Move

        Dyson Bikes Solar Electric bike battery charger : $499.00 

        Dyson Solar Charging Panel

        The Dyson Bikes Solar Electric bike battery charger can top up your battery anywhere that the sun is shining! This folding solar panel folds down to approx. 4cm x 32 x 7 and weighs just under 3 kilograms and fits neatly in a pannier bag like the Ortlieb Back-roller classic

        The panel outputs 1-amp at 42-volts in full sun and it also has a usb charger for charging smart phone or other small devices. The panel comes supplied with a charge cable to suit Dyson Bikes Hard Tail Evo, Hard Tail Mixte, Bondi, and Tilba models.

        Car 12-Volt to 36-Volt Chargers : $149.90

        This allows you to charge up your ebike battery from a 12-volt source. It is fitted with a standard cigarette light plug which works with most vehicles (ensure your vehicle has a socket rated for a minimum of 10-amps). The charger is designed to charge Lithium-ion batteries with a nominal voltage from 24-36 volts at 1.5 amps. Available in to versions - one fitted with a small plug (suits most Dyson models) or one fitted with an RCA plug (suits 24" and 26" folding bikes).

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